Oats and a Fan

Before Mara B had her farrier appointment this afternoon we were able to have a little spin around the lower meadow with Deb and Holly. It was a perfect warm June day for us to enjoy.

Then Mara B had a great day with Brian, which meant I had a great day with Mara! She had her shoes put on while enjoying Brian’s fan and eating oats when he pounded in the nails. This was a wonderful milestone for us, no more sedation for Mara B when she gets new shoes.

I’m very pleased with this improvement in Mara’s behavior (thanks to the oats) for when she will get new shoes in the future, it definitely simplifies my life.

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Simple is good! Blessed be the motivating oats.

    1. You’re funny Marge!

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