Gazelle in the Corn

Deep green, growing corn fields and a gazelle (for some reason my first thought) flying through one of those corn fields (well maybe it was a deer) dominated today’s ride. Mara B and I rode off on what we imagined would be just an ordinary ride and felt enveloped in green green scenery all along our route.

And then a deer (or maybe a gazelle) bounded up in the middle of the corn field on our right. We simply saw a head then the hind end, popping up over and over. We stopped to observe it, Mara was alert and intensely watching, but we both relaxed down when I said, “oh it’s a deer hidden in the corn.” That deer then turned left and literally flew across the road in front of us! It was a very fast thrill, actually. Sorry no photos, I did try, they simply did not work out.

This simple touch of white stood out to me among all the greenery on the road home.

Mara B was great and was quite warm when we returned to the barn. Her cool rinse off and a snack were well deserved after such an adventurous outing.

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