Sunday Monday Rides

Jay braved the heat and humidity on Sunday to hike along with Mara B and me. Enjoy the pictures he took of yesterday’s hike/ride to the Meyer Farm.

Mara always likes to see Jay.

Jay grooms Mara, I saddle her up, and off we go.

Jay needed water and a respite before we went through the farm yard to check on the corn crop.

We stopped to appreciated the gardens in the Meyers yard.

Then it’s back over the hill to return to the barn. Mara was ready for her cool rinse off and some hay and Jay needed H2O. Thank you so much Jay!

For our Monday ride today, the first thing we noticed were wagons of hay being stored in the indoor arena. Pat was starting to haul them down to Sam’s so we decided to ride the quiet neighborhood lane to avoid the hay wagon going past us.

Today we observed soybeans, gardens and flowers along our route and embraced another day of very warm temperatures.

Our Monday ride this morning was mellow, hot and humid, yet it still felt good to get out together and move.

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