Turkey Delay

Off we rode with Kim and Rio this morning when not too far down the trail we spotted two turkeys. No big deal, both horses saw them, they crossed in front of us from the field. However a fence on our left was preventing them from running into the woods. We waited for them to ‘get away’ we tip toed forward and waited, they seemed to be following us! We actually laughed about how long they delayed us, how many times they dashed back and forth in front of us and how much room we tried to give them to get to ‘safety.’ Finally we simply rode off and left them behind.

The rest of our outing was ‘uneventful ‘ simply calm and relaxed. Which I like.

We walked the quiet road just past our neighborhood stable and it was very peaceful.

We heard a pheasant but had no more turkey sightings on our return trip home.

Rio and Mara B got to stretch their legs and we all absorbed the beauty of nature.

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    If you could ride over by my suburban neighborhood, you would see flocks of turkeys! The corn fields are a big draw.

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