Mara B meets Landry

Yesterday Jay and I had an afternoon visit with Mara B and when we were heading off on our hike we met Landry and her parents John and Molly. They had stopped in front of the stable so Landry could see horses. Our timing was perfect for Landry to meet Mara B.

A fun horse moment for Landry and a pleasant chat for us! Sharing Mara B is what we like to do. Then Jay and I headed off with Mara so she could stretch her legs and enjoy some new views.

Jay cared for Ms Mara before and after our ride in his usual Saturday routine while that sweet barn cat looked on.

Weekend horse time with Jay is always a treat for Mara and me. Meeting new horse friends and sharing Mara with them was delightful and Jays photos make a good addition to the story. Thank you Jay!

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