Five Years

It’s our five year Anniversary with Mara B today. Five years of hope and healing with my own horse. Mara and I had a peaceful, quiet ride together this morning and I thanked her for being in my life. She’s a huge part of my days as you know.

Bringing Mara B “home” five years ago changed the course of my life. I went from talk therapy to horse therapy as my main form of trying to heal after Benjamin’s death. It was a giant leap into a new relationship that has been extremely meaningful. I believe in animal assisted therapy!

Mara B delivers strong daily support to me! Following are a few photos to share as Jay, Peter and I look back over the past five years with our favorite, special, family horse.

To Mara B today and to all the healing animals that touch our hearts, we love you and thank you. 💛

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  1. Jane Archer says:

    Blessings to you, your family and of course Mara B, Helen! It’s amazing how much comfort we can derive from our loyal, furry friends that share our lives! Mara B has such kind eyes… I have a feeling you have enriched her life as well!

    Much love, Jane

  2. What wonderful “presence” she has brought to you this past 5 years.

  3. Naomi Lewiski says:

    I enjoy reading your little piece of healing every day; calm, gentle, quiet, healing. Thank you Helen and Mara. Your friend, Naomi.

  4. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mara B, Helen! Wishing you many years of partnership ahead.

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