Monday with Mara B

We had marvelous summer weather for our outing together this morning. Mara B moved out so nicely and seemed to be happy to stretch her legs. We saw hay bales being put in the barn at Sam’s as we rode past. Then enjoyed the golden rows of cut oats that now appears to be straw that has not yet been baled. I’m not a true farmer, so this is my best guess.

On our return trip going past Sam’s the hay stacking job was complete and the empty wagon had been parked.

Walking home we took in the ‘beauty’ of the ditches and the blue sky.

We noticed many dragonflies on the walk back to the barn. Then we had to say farewell to summer rider/visitor Anika, it was her last day of riding/training days with her Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Greg. Wow, that tells us how close we are to back to school days….

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