Thirty five

Today’s post is a special edition post that both Jay and I are sending out, because not only is today our thirty fifth wedding anniversary it’s also the start of National Suicide Prevention Week 2019 and we want to lend our voice and our families experience to the critical need to talk about mental/emotional health struggles/stigma with your own inner circle. Maramomentshorsetime was created as a form of healing from my own struggles and about how I found horse therapy as a personal source of healing after Benjamin’s death. If Benjamin was here, I most likely would not have Mara B.

Following are a few resources we want to share and hope in turn you will share with those close to you. Remember, we all need care, support and encouragement.

Because only having memories of loved ones who are tragically lost, is a sad, tough situation, that we do not want to see repeated. Please don’t say silent on suicide awareness and prevention.

We miss Benjamin every day, and thirty five years ago today we never dreamed of enduring such a tragedy as his death. We share our story so others hopefully may avoid knowing suicide through personal experience.

We walk with the shadow of Benjamin’s passing, but wish for all who read this “light for your path” and thank you for lending your voice and support to suicide awareness/prevention as you’re able.

Peace, Helen and Jay

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Your family photo is gorgeous yet brings tears to my eyes for your loss of Benjamin. Blessings to you and Jay on your anniversary and having the courage to speak up about a topic we all need to learn to talk about.

  2. Cheryl Boyd says:

    I hope you were able to enjoy your day and think about all of the good memories you share despite the sorrow and pain which remains.

  3. Jane Archer says:

    Thank you so much, Helen and Jay, for bringing this difficult topic to light and not being afraid or ashamed to share your painful journey. So many of us live our lives in pain yet do not know where to turn for help or support. There are resources available to us. We all need to be part of this conversation!

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