Ed & Leslie meet Mara B!

Ed and I have known each other for sixty plus years and today Ed and his wife Leslie stopped in to meet Ms Mara B! Very fun for me and Mara equally enjoyed their visit.

The three of us groomed and saddled her up, plus posed for a couple of photos together before they headed down the road and Mara and I headed off on a lovely afternoon ride.

Mara B and I had perfect conditions and ideal weather for our ride, it really was a gorgeous September day.

We dedicated the ride to Benjamin in support of World Suicide Prevention Day 2019.

Having had time with very supportive special friends juxtaposed with this world wide suicideprevention anniversary…….made me think, maybe today let’s each ask someone special “how are you doing?” ✌️

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  1. What a lovely day & lovely friends!

    1. Thank you, wishing you well 🐎☀️✌️

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