Rain, Maintenance & Restoration

Mara B and have been dealing with real tough weather conditions these past few days. We’ve been hammered with heavy rains and high winds. While at the same time our stable is doing major maintenance on the indoor riding arena so no one is able to use it.

The arena maintenance and renovation / repair work/ releveling will keep horses safe. Today however, work was at a standstill. So during an afternoon break with no raindrops, Mara B and I hand walked the road to take in the sights. Today’s observation was the yellow starting to appear in the soybean fields.

Looks like a patchwork quilt to me! Our walk was windy but a fun change of pace, when we returned to the barn Mara B had a snack and I snuggled with Socks, aka JAC.

A rainy, cool day with brisk winds offset by warm lovely animals.

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