Trying Horse Therapy

My neighbors Pat and Naomi who are such supportive pals to us, as well as being Mara Moments followers came for a personal introduction to Mara B today!

Sharing Mara, the barn cats and the surroundings with these gals was delightful. Fall color is starting to show and was a beautiful backdrop for the pasture horses we also observed.

Mara B loved the attention she received, while we “tried on” equine therapy and discussed the topic of emotional wellness. We recognize that emotional support animals are a treasure for people to have in their life.

Mara Moments is about sharing a little horse therapy and emotional support virtually through our posts. Today we had a real life experience of sorts, which was special for us. Next it was time for Mara B to get in the lineup for her appointment with Brian, her farrier.

No ride time for us today, but some fabulous horse therapy experience. Thank you for the visit Naomi and Pat, it’s a pleasure to have you two as a part of our followers.

Happy Trails to all our special friends and followers!

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  1. Naomi Lewiski says:

    To me, this time spent with Mara B shows me how truly animals can take in our weight silently and give back the comfort and reassurance we crave. Silently, completely.

    1. Lovely, thank you friend

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