Autumn Road Color

Mara B and I appreciated calm winds on today’s ride down our quiet neighborhood road. We had not ridden this route recently so noticed a few changes and beautiful autumn color. Our first stop was chatting with a service guy working on a driveway project who took this picture for us.

The Soybean field we pass has been harvested.

We greeted the darling goats.

While savoring the natural beauty around us I was also focused on what is? Because today is World Mental Health Day and I value sharing my horse therapy, time in nature and the emotional support I receive from Mara B. Today maybe you can educate your family about this observance which highlights all around the world our need for mental health awareness.

People need hope, and compassionate support when mental health and wellness is at risk (not silence.) So please touch base with your inner circle if necessary and thanks for your support and for riding along with Mara B and me.

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Beautiful ride! Thanks for the reminder about mental health; just took a friend to her therapy session today. We ALL need this little reminder to just TALK with each other! There is always help. Good vibes, Helen.

    1. Thanks so much friend 💛

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