Slumber & Spotty Snow

Mara B was resting when I arrived this afternoon and was so comfortable she didn’t really feel like getting up. I slowly did coax her up though!

I did my best to clean her up and off we went. Snow is spotty, the ground is getting harder and we crunched slowly around the back fields.

These colorful berries stood out to me today.

Snow is trying to cover the last of this years greenery.

We appreciated some lovely sunlight on our way back to barn.

Mara B was slow and steady and did a great job covering this ‘new’ footing for us! Each season change presents us with a little feel of starting something new or different, even though we have been here before…..

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Just wondering if Mara was trying to keep her feet warm today! (Do horses do that?) I was a cold one; winter seems to be upon us.

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