Static Electricity Shocks

Twice in the past two days I’ve given Mara B a shock when I’ve greeted her and she has not been happy.

Mara turned away from me after I gave her a shock again this afternoon. Cold, dry weather plus the metal gate are creating this issue for us, however I’m going to be much more careful not to keep doing this to her…. what a bummer for Mara B. I apologized and we continued on with free time and grooming in the arena plus an easy stroll out back.

The snow is gone but low temperatures remain, but today we had quiet winds so we were able to step outside to stretch our legs.

We did appreciate today’s clear blue sky and I do plan to avoid the misfortune of zapping Ms Mara again anytime soon, I hope. I keep thinking she had to have been ‘shocked ‘ in more ways than I was, and I felt terrible.

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Helen – you could investigate work shoes that have a shock-dissipating feature. These are used in factories and other environments where creating an electrical shock is a fire/electrical/explosive danger. They won’t be inexpensive but may be worth it to you (and Mara B!). Just google industrial footwear.

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