Icicles on Mara B

Our Monday started with snow and falling temperatures and when I arrived to visit Mara this afternoon she was covered in snow and icicles. She was also really full of energy!

We started with free time in the indoor arena and she was wild, needing some time to dash around and expend her horsepower.

Mara appreciated her food and cleanup time then, we relaxed together, I groomed and dried her off, letting her dry out.

Over the weekend Jay hiked with us and took the following photos, it may be our last ride out for the next few days, as the weather ahead is not looking pretty.

We’re all in the cold dark days of December, Mara’s part of my warmth and sunshine. Hoping you are warm and cozy, we send you a Hygge hug. ( hygge: the popular Danish art of staying warm and cozy in the winter months that I’ve been reading about.)

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Sending you a warm hygge hug back! Thanks for the call today; will catch up soon.

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