A Check In

With temperatures around ten degrees today, my Mara Moment was a simple, check in.

I loved seeing these darling tracks heading into her paddock. Not sure what critter that was.

Checking the paddock water tank and breaking up the ice is a part of my regular routine.

Mara had her snack and grooming session and even though I didn’t ride I must tell you there were hardy horsewomen at the barn today who were riding! Today I’ll share a good book and article about riding with you instead of trail photos.

I recently read this book and really enjoyed it, then I found the following article about the same horse race in the current issue of Horse Illustrated.

Some great motivation for Mara and me, we don’t wish to race but we are inspired by these amazing horse riders and hope you are too. Stay warm.

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  1. Nancy Nygaard says:

    The tracks you saw were those of a bunny. Notice how you can see a little bit of a line in the prints. That when the bunny hops dragging it’s back feet. Notice also that the footprints are long. Bunnies have very long feet compared to other animals which gives them stability when hopping.

    Regarding your book share, that sounds like a riveting read!

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