Foraging & Farewell

Temperatures were mild for us today and Mara B and I had a good ride out.

The snow is getting deeper and felt crusty, Mara seemed to prefer ready made ‘trails’ to paving our own, however we mostly did blaze our own.

We observed many spots were deer have been foraging for food.

A horse was picked up to move to his new home while we were together and his buddies were whinnying to him much of our ride, they continued to whinny as I returned Mara B to her paddock…. we know it’s hard to say farewell.

We watched him go by when we were in the side field, then we came upon Bo playing on the other side of the fence.

Bo led the way home, we also enjoyed this group of curious horses as we rode in.

The mild day was a treat and Mara B and I loved riding out together, under a gorgeous blue sky, sunshine and no wind. (No wind is a favorite condition for me.)

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