Sweetest Treats & Quiet Ride Mask

Anika who enjoys riding lessons on Mondays at River Brink brought horse treats for her pals today! It was super sweet and made my day.

What a stash for the horses! Plus Mara B has a new ‘Quiet Ride Fly Mask’ that we tried out today and I’m glad we did, the gnats were certainly around.

Kim and Rio rode with us and we dedicated our ride to Matthew and Joseph today.

The peace of nature was soothing.

Settling In

Mara was very happy to see us this afternoon, she’s not quite one hundred percent settled in her new spot yet. So Jay and I reassured her, groomed her and spent calm quiet time together in the indoor arena.

Then we walked around the backside of her new paddock area for a good look around.

Soon we will all be comfortable and settled in the new groove. Now it’s Kentucky Derby time.

Paddock Change

Mara needed to leave the round bale (and her pal Rosie) which is available 24/7 due to her new diet restrictions. So today she moved to a different paddock.

We enjoyed our pleasant afternoon ride with friends.

And then Mara moved in to her new digs with Holly and Spice!

We had a week of transitions and are now delighted to settle into our new routines.

Transportation Modes

This afternoon my Barn time with Mara was about seeing various forms of transportation, Spring has brought out the tractors for sure.

And motorcycles too.

Plus we got to wave hello to the UPS truck!

We loved the blue sky and fluffy clouds, however strong winds kept our own ride time indoor today. Mara had fun and seemed to like the motorcycle the most!

Fresh Start

The spring ritual of scraping clean the paddocks has now begun! When I arrived at the barn early this morning I could see the neat piles of manure waiting to be transported and spread on the fields. The horses are used to these activities happening around them.

Arriving early today allowed me to chat with Maddi and to meet her darling new therapy dog in training, Huck! Mara and I loved his energy and enthusiasm.

Ride time took us out back around the hay field and around the corn field stubble, because before long they will be plowing and planting back there. Still a sliver of snow left on the trail along the woods. Mara and I enjoyed the early morning time together.


This mornings theme at the Barn was “waiting.” Mara was waiting for me to arrive, her paddock neighbors were waiting for their new bale of hay to be put in place, and a few horses seem to be waiting for blankets to be removed and replaced! All agreed though, we’re just waiting for Spring to get here. However, after all the waiting, Mara B and I did have very good inside time together!

Stall Horses Stay In

An April blizzard has found us today! Jay and I had an early visit with Mara this morning to beat the heavy snow that’s coming. The stall horses were kept in for the day because of the predicted heavy snowfall and powerful winds. The Barn had the feel of real warmth and energy, the stalls were being cleaned, the sleet was hitting the roof and Mara enjoyed some food, grooming and time to dry off. Our walk back to her paddock was quick to minimize our time in the wind and snow. Mara B made a quick dash to the shelter when we took off her halter.

Boot Change

Time to change my boots! So today I switched from wearing winter boots to muck boots. Mara B and two of her pals were relaxing together when I arrived early this morning to beat a predicted late spring snow storm. Mara and I just had grooming and ground games in the indoor arena together and took the day “off” as a snow day! On our way back to her paddock we saw the pasture horses in their upper pasture hunkered down for the weather that’s supposedly on it’s way. Hopefully Mara B can hang on to her place in the shelter tonight.

Devine, Brutus & Dogwoods

Mara B and I had such great walking companions on our ride this morning! Devine and Lorrie had a short outing with us and then Brutus joined Mara and me as we headed off down 880th. We talked to the Speedy Delivery driver, waved a few times to the Schwan’s truck and what really caught our eye was the brilliant Red Twig Dogwoods we passed along the way.

The Roundup

The most exciting part of today’s Barn time, was when the cows got loose! Mara B and I were having a quiet inside day and were riding in the arena when it was announced that the cows were loose! Well, Mara and I headed out the door to investigate, to observe and to try to join in the roundup. While taking these photos of the cattle dashing past us, Mara knocked me over and then she was loose too, maybe she’s not a true cow pony yet…. As things calmed down I did get back in the saddle and we watched the gate close on all the cows back in their paddock. Where was Pete?