Snowfree Indoor

Looks like Christmas around the stable as you can see from today’s photos! When I arrived Mara and Rosie were cozy outside their shelter, they are true best buddies these days and are often enjoying each other’s companionship. Mara and I spent some snowfree time in the indoor arena for bonding, grooming, free exercise and lunging. A highlight of today’s visit was tiding up the barns lost and found area with a couple of pals! That at least felt spring like.

Hello Melodee Hello Lindy

Lovely Melodee stopped to greet Mara and me this morning as she drove by. Mara B was delighted to greet Melodee and stuck her head right into the truck and then proceeded to lick the mirror. You had to be there, but it was quite entertaining! Then to allow Mara a rest day, I gave her some Bute and took her on a good walk with our pup Lindy B. It was very fun and I will definitely take them both out walking again.

Healing Encounters & The Heard

Mara is enjoying some warm temps at home. I had a day of pleasant healing encounters and beautiful art. Sharing some art at The Heard Museum showing the horse human connection. Special and lovely experiences.

Desert Trail

Laura, Grace and Lucy joined me on a desert trail! Mara would find the rocky climb to be out of her comfort zone. Good desert terrain and warm temps made for a nice trail adventure day. Mara and the horses at home had warm temps today too.

Animal-Assisted Therapy 

Mara and Lindy (my comfort pup) are home this week with special pals. Jay and I headed to the Southwest. We have enjoyed seeing animal assisted therapy all along the way. Six therapy/comfort dogs were on our flight from Minnesota. AAT is a type of therapy for emotional well-being celebrating the human animal bond. I’m thankful for my therapy/comfort companions.

Icicles on Eyelashes

It was below zero for my Mara Moment today. Mara is walking so much better and has another fresh poltice pad now reinforced with duck tape (thanks Hannah.) Both her eyelashes and chin whiskers had icicles! However her heart and thick coat were warm in the bright sunshine. A quiet, cold and abbreviated visit for us.