Doors are Closed

The heat is now on in the barn and all the barn doors have been shut. Mara B was definitely ready to come into the barn for our visit today. It was cold, rainy, and windy.

Mara enjoyed her hay while I attempted to clean her up before heading to the indoor arena. We are not big fans of the indoor arena, however she did enjoy free time to race around today.

The next few days look like more questionable outdoor riding weather. So Mara and I are just dreaming of our next ride outside together.

Most days I think ahead to where we may ride and then I love to review the rides in my head when I’m back home.

Books, Connecting & Dream

Today Mara B connected with Hannah for an early morning warm up session. I was able to connect in person with Charlee a social media friend and follower, how cool! The horse books we enjoyed were courtesy of Haslam’s fabulous bookstore that we visited. Plus, I even had some horse dream time after reading time…….why we get away.