Flying Corn Husks

Mara and I braved the wind gusts this afternoon, corn husks really were flying everywhere! Many activities at the barn today too, an equine massage therapist was working on a few horses, a farrier was there and the paddocks were being cleaned. Mara and I started in the round pen and then rode to the cow pasture. Always a treat to be outside in spite of the strong winds.

Ideal Summer Ride

Kim and I took Rio and Mara on a good long ride this afternoon with ideal conditions. We rode down a new road and saw a darling little front yard “hobby barn” which housed a goat, bunny, pig and a chicken all together! We even went “up on top” off the Meyers loop for some fabulous views. I’d say the horses enjoyed the outing as much as the humans.

Morning Massage

Christina is an equine massage therapist who gave Mara a massage this morning. This is treatment for stiffness mostly, and Mara loves everything about it! Proponents of equine massage list a number of positive effects, including the improvement of movement and reduction of pain or stress. We use it for conditioning, wellness and her overall fitness.

After a massage you do not ride them that day. Mara had a big snack, a big drink and returned to her paddock for a day of relaxation.

Kicks, Bites & Massage


Mara really got nailed, she had multiple kick and bite marks on her today. (Too much horsing around in her paddock.) We did have ride time and got in some trotting and cantering in a nearby field, more spring conditioning for us. A follow up massage for Ms Mara this afternoon too, working to keep her in balance!