Magical & Miserable

Mara B and I had an exceptional trail ride today. Off we headed with Char and SeaB and Jackie and Honey to cross the river and ride an enchanting and magical river trail.

On the way to the river we caught Julie out with Barbie and still unnamed Baby, we all chatted and commented on how much he’s growing.

We then continued along the edge of the field and rode ‘down’ to cross the river and find our loop.

I love this area, it’s heavily wooded, a narrow trail and magical. We delighted to see the ferns and wildflowers along the way. We do have to dismount to clean poop off the trail, (thank you Jackie) I had to dismount and get Mara to jump over a log that she refused three times. This is real trail riding.

And then Mara and I found the miserable when we got into a stretch of tall weeds that she clearly reacted to. Mara became hypersensitive and overreacted and just tried to get out of there. An ugly kind of ride, so I got off her and walked, tripped and swore for 10 minuets or so leading her to finally get “out of it.” The poor thing, she rode home great after we crossed the river to head back to the barn. I have already spoken to her Vet, this will need to be treated and managed for her. I am a highly sensitive person (look up HSP) and I know that Mara B is also highly sensitive, I understand her. My riding partners Jackie and Char were fabulous and supportive friends throughout, thank you.

New Neighbor

Mara and I had a rain day today. However our new neighbor from down the road arrived this week and we’re introducing him to you today!

Barbie is his mom, baby is not yet named. We will enjoy watching him grow.

Foals & Furry Friend

Jay and I visited the foals at the University Farm campus on the way to River Brink this afternoon and I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of the babies.

We also brought our pup Lindy B to join us on a walk with Mara B. The four of us had a great late afternoon outing together and we all appreciated the warm spring sunshine.