Barn Party

Mara B and I rode out with Jennifer and Bella, and headed right back to the neighborhood stable behind River Brink this afternoon. It was great to return to where Mara had had the incident with those pasture horses a few days ago. No issues at all for us today and you can see we walked past a few of their horses who were right on the fence line. Back at the barn they were preparing for tonight’s annual pig roast and hayride party. We’re looking forward to it.

Cut Field to Bales 

Highlighting some of the behind the scenes stable operations today. Mara and I headed down past Sam’s this afternoon where the fields had been cut and baled a few days ago. The bales were then loaded on to hay wagons. Mara and I saw seven full wagons waiting to be unloaded. We enjoy watching the work cycles of River Brink Stables.