Day 19

Today was day nineteen and the conclusion for treating Mara’s hoof abscess. We determined that the healing has progressed nicely. So I jumped on bareback to walk around the indoor arena and Mara no longer has her hoof wrapped. I learned a great deal about treating an abscess and Mara was a wonderful patient throughout. Hopefully we won’t be repeating this adventure.

Negatives and Positives 

Negative temperatures (minus 7) and positive improvement on Mara’s hoof abscess treatment today! Jay assisted with the new sugardine wrap, Mara is a perfect partner for the procedure and we all stayed warm enough because the stall horses were kept in the barn due to the extreme cold.


Mara has been able to now move on from the medicated poultice pad to the sugardine treatment for her hoof abscess. The sugardine is Betadine mixed with sugar to the consistency of peanut butter, packed on the hoof and secured with a baby diaper, vet wrap and duct tape. She has made wonderful progress, thank goodness. We visited the pasture horses on the way back to her paddock, and she enjoyed saying hi to Jack.

Moving in the Indoor 

More icicles on Mara today, but she is walking well and even got out of the paddock. She was able to have free excerice time in the indoor arena, a nice change up. Temperatures remain very cold, the sky was white gray but the winds calm, so our time together was peaceful and pleasant.

Mara’s Recheck

Brian and Hannah rechecked Mara’s progress and determined that there was still an infection in the hoof  however the healing is progressing nicely. Another medicated poultice was applied for an additional day or two before starting the sugardine treatment. (Photos are from the archives.) And I was able to meet Lucy at the Alamo for my horse fix today.

Good Progress 

Mara is moving well today, she even came out of the paddock. I replaced the poultice pad, she did not need Bute and her next check is Friday with the farrier. Relief for sure, hopefully Friday we move on to the next phase of treatment called sugardine.

Slow One

Mara B had another slow day, she’s not moving very much. Her hoof wrap has stayed in place and hopefully proves to be helpful. We didn’t even leave the paddock today, she ate her extra ration and I groomed her. Just very low key to let her rest and heal.

Hoof Treatment 

Mara was extremely sore today, in fact she did not want to move. So Brian her farrier came into her paddock to treat the abscess. Brian tested the hoof, felt for heat and identified the site of the pocket of purulent material (much like a whitehead pimple.) He then trimmed hoof and created a small opening to relieve the pressure. Mara will continue to have her hoof wrapped with a medicated poultice pad. I’ll change the dressing in two days and Brian will return to recheck her on Friday. I gave Mara B more Bute and got her over to the water tank before saying goodbye. We are on the road to recovery.