Super Fun Horse Visit

Family fun day with Jane, Julia, Trey, Louisa and George visiting us! Peanut, Andri and Gus were fabulous mounts to enjoy.  A special thank you to our wonderful barn friends who made this all possible. We have a few new cowboys and cowgirls in the family now.

Barn Buddies

Many friends at the barn today, with lots of action around there. Four of us got out on a very good trail ride together, into some new territory too. Plus I have photos from a friend to share of today’s outing!

Neighbors & Maintenance Chores

Riders from the nearby stable rode through on their way to the river this morning. Mara stood with them while I took photos for them. It was nice to meet them and to chat about our horses. Maintenance chores are daily tasks around River Brink and today the indoor arena was being watered down and groomed while I was tacking up. A freshly groomed arena is always a treat. It was one spectacular July day to enjoy riding and barn time with Ms Mara B.

Turning the Hay & Wheat Fields 

This morning Kim, Rio, Mara B and I rode off in the opposite direction from yesterday. We walked past “the dairy” and watched hay being turned in one field. We also notice the corn really shooting up and as you can see, the wheat fields are beautiful. Summer season rides down the road providing beautiful views. 🌼🌿✌️

Ride with Rio

Rio and Kim went out on a spin with Mara B and me this morning. Kim has a summer lease on Rio, and they enjoyed exploring the back trails with us. Rio and Mara were excellent in this hot humid buggy summer weather. Both horses received a cool rinse off in the shower stall when we got back and they enjoyed it!

Milkweed and Mail Truck

The Milkweed was very fragrant, the mail truck too fast! Today Mara and I had a morning ride down past Sam’s place. We sure enjoyed smelling the Milkweed along the side of the road. Then came the mail truck which we have certainly encountered before. Many vehicles of all shapes and sizes are part of riding down the side of a country road. Most drivers are courteous and slow down to pass horses. The mail truck, however has not. Today when he arrived at Sam’s mailbox, Mara and I were very close by so I put my hand up to request that he stop. The mail truck did stop and I asked him to please slow down in the future when horses are riding along the side of the road.  I was delighted to be able to politely make my request and I hope the fast mail truck is a thing of the past. ☀️🌿🌼

Independence Day 2017

Mara and I wish all our family, friends and followers a Happy Fourth of July! I enjoyed free time with Mara this morning and hope you have some pleasant free time today too. ✌️

Jay Day + Worming

Jay visited Mara this afternoon with me, for grooming and bonding time. Mara B was also “dewormed” on today’s visit. Horses are dewormed at regular intervals to control parasites. I insert a syringe of paste medication on the side of her mouth between the incisor and molar teeth, press down on the plunger depositing the paste on the back of her tongue and we’re done. Then the three of us strolled off and checked out the height of the corn on the back forty.

To the River

Mara B and I rode with a pal to the river, a great destination ride this afternoon. Along the way twin fawns took us by surprise when they jumped up from their resting place on the edge of the field. Surprises are part of trail riding. It was a beautiful summer afternoon to spend with our horses, surprises and all. 🌿🌼✌️

Mara’s Vacation Time

Mara is on vacation time while Jay and I are in Chicago volunteering with Little Free Library at the American Library Association conference. We support Little Free Library in our son Benjamin’s memory. Walking around the exhibition hall we found a few good horse books! Chicago has been great and Mara is home under the watchful eye of friends.