This afternoon Mara B and I explored some territory we rarely have access to. With some gates closed and some gates open, we did some exploring for a little change of pace. We both throughly enjoyed it! Some beautiful spots and lovely springtime aromatherapy for us to savor. A lovely ride with Mara B before…

Please Ride Along

Here’s an extra long post filled with Peter’s pictures of our lovely ride today! Haley and Noel joined us. Peter was the fabulous photographer who among other things ran ahead, stayed behind, climbed the deer stand, and squatted on the ground to beautifully capture this ride and preserve the memories for me in these pictures….

New & Changing

A darling new cat calls the barn home now, he joins the three cats already there. Not certain of his name, but he’s very sweet and friendly and Mara and I are enjoying getting to know him. The landscape on the Meyer loop has changes on the horizon. Signs of those changes are already evident….