Mara B and I thought of today’s ride as a conditioning workout. We love being on the soft ground in the back fields and know that in no time Spring planting will be happening there. Seeing this equipment as we rode out reminds us our days in the fields are limited.

We circled the back field twice in opposite directions, added in some trotting plus went up and down gradual inclines for Mara’s “conditioning” session.

All while appreciating the gorgeous sky above us.

Spring Mist

Mara and I started our time together with the Vet this morning. It was time for her spring shots and annual blood work for her thyroid condition. Mara B has received daily medication for the past year to balance her thyroid and it’s working very well.

Then it was off for a quiet ride in the spring mist. Silence and stillness surrounded us in the light mist, and it was very peaceful and beautiful.

We passed next to where manure is now being spread on the fields, which is another ritual of the season.

The soft ground, mild temperatures and stillness made for a great outing for us.

Two Favorites

Mara B and I passed by our favorite pony Peanut on our ride up to the cow pasture this afternoon.

Bo joined us on the tour of another of our favorites, which is riding around the lower meadow and the upper orchard area of the ‘cow pasture.’

The sights are always the same yet somehow different each day we’re there.

Today looked like it could be either fall or spring.

Mara warmed up with our hike up hill and Bo was darn right hot when we returned to the stable so he cooled off first chance he had in the remaining all most nonexistent snow.

A pleasant early April ride with Ms Mara B.

Smell the Pine Needles

Mara and I returned to our quiet neighborhood street for today’s stroll. The fresh smell of pine needles and trimmed branches on the ground really caught our attention, and a very pleasant scent greeted us.

We really like passing this beautiful driveway and plan to go down it when I figure out how to get permission.

We also enjoyed the subtle sounds of wind chimes in this garden.

We dedicated our ride to Auntie Kay for her April Fools Day Birthday! Kay is pictured here on a summer visit with Mara B.

Barn pal Liz has a birthday today too! No pranks just special birthday greetings from Mara B and me to you two today. Happy April Fools Day to all you other wonderful Mara Moments followers. 🌼

Side Roads & Patriarch

Mara B and I had a really nice noontime ride today, we diverted off the main lane to Sam’s checking out little side roads and driveways along the way. We slowly continue to expand our spring riding range.

The main road is very dry now, the smaller dirt roads we tested are still moist to muddy.

Arriving back at the barn we were greeted by Tom the farm Patriarch (and lovely man.) Tom and crew were spring cleaning around the grounds.

Signs of springtime continue to greet us, today presented the first few Killdeer sightings.


Mara B and I rode south down the road and then north through the back field today. Only slivers of snow remains. I was able to appreciate the gorgeous sky now that I’m not worried about ice under foot. Contrails across the sky stood out as our observation.

The road to Sam’s was perfect for some trotting! The back field was muddy and very moist. (showing our own tracks below.)

Mara B was a very good horse and we had a fine Monday outing together.

Bo Stayed In

Mara B and I wanted to ride to the Meyer Farm this afternoon so we left Bo behind in a stall. We really enjoy having him ride along when he does join us, however the Meyers do not want dog visits, so Bo stayed home. It’s been months since we’ve been to the Meyer Farm and it was fun to return today.

We met up with serious ice before getting to the field service road, and I didn’t want to dismount or walk Mara over it, so we just greeted the cows turned around and headed to Sam’s.

The conditions were wonderful, I’m even back to wearing actual riding boots not winter boots and a down vest not a jacket!

Mara B was great and it’s energizing for us to be less contained. Spring felt marvelous this March day. Now we’ll end with the latest note on the barn message board, I chuckled when I read it.

Warm Up and Stretch

Fun to see Julie, Maisy and Skeeter out on the road enjoying the warmup this afternoon. Julie lives down the road from River Brink and owns Barbie and baby Cha-Ching as well.

With the warm up and Jay as photographer, here are a few highlights of Mara B and Stormy (with Marina) stretching their legs too.

Thank you for hiking along with us Jay. Wow, what a treat to have a mild day and to ride out!

Some Saddle Time

It felt mild at 19 degrees today, the wind was still and we had peaks of sunshine. Weather is an ongoing topic for me because it is a factor of horseback riding.

Mara B and I saddled up for a ride in the indoor arena. It felt good to have walk trot moves together after the days of no riding lately.

We enjoyed CJ and Abe who were also working in the indoor, so I even had a willing photographer.

Thanks CJ, Abe, Brutus and Bo for making our ride time warm and friendly.

My activities with Mara were refreshing and satisfying this afternoon, she was wonderful and seemed to be happy for the riding as well.

Looking forward to our time together tomorrow.