Ride on Bill

Hannah provided training and instruction for us today, during our lesson time. Really enjoyable for me, part of the lesson I was riding Bill, and I have not ridden a different horse for a few years! It was good to be able to watch Hannah riding Mara and to change up my mount. I’m thankful for my horse adventures.

An Addition

Starting in the round pen for Mara to stretch her legs and expend energy has been working well for us lately, it’s what we did today. Then we headed up to the cow pasture and found the new addition which signals big changes for our outings. Riding up and then back down from the cow pasture is good excerise for Mara and I like the views. A good ride for us, cool temps but calm winds.

Golden Fields Golden Light

A late afternoon ride in the corn field provided perfect golden light to capture today’s Mara Moments. Luckily Jay was with us and hiked along to be our photographer. Fun to now have these fields available to ride in once again. Mara was as warm as the golden light.

Plowed Fields and Heat

Mara and walked to Sam’s this afternoon and the corn fields are now plowed fields. We enjoyed sunshine and clear skies. It seemed warmer outside than in the barn, but the heat is now on! Preparing to tack up I start in the bathroom these days to use the heat in there to warm up Mara’s bit. Just one of those seasonal changes brought on by the cold temps.

New Shack

Mara and I enjoyed some sweet views on our ride today. The biggest change we observed was the new hunting shack in place, a clear signal that things are about to change. We also had a mission, to look for a missing pup. We whistled and called to her, and low and behold she did appear as we were returning to the barn, and made it safely back.

Back Trail

Mara and I rode out on the back trail this morning. The discovery was that the leaves remaining on the trees now match Mara’s color.  A green alfalfa field and very dry corn still standing back there.  Our ride was very peaceful.

Dividing Our Time

Weather, sloppy mud and wind shortened our outdoor ride today.  We had much of our connection time in the indoor arena, on the ground and in the saddle. Our outdoor ride was the stretch of road right near the stable. Wet leaves and some patches of snow are covering the ground. We’re definitely feeling the change of seasons.

Two Directions 

Mara and I rode two different directions from the barn today, the road and the back trail.  In between walks we stopped at the barn and chatted with Matthew. Matthew was back for a riding lesson, and it was fun for us to get to join in and watch.

A Different View

Cow pies and turkeys greeted us on this mornings ride around the cow pasture loop. This pasture has just reopened for us to ride in and Mara and I liked the new territory. The color of leaves are changing to rust, and the winds are taking down more and more of them each day.

Great Fall Day

Today was an awesome day to be out riding horses. Mara and I were able to ride out with Abby and Jack for a great afternoon of trail riding. We enjoyed spectacular weather and spectacular views! We met up with friends also out riding, our horses were happy and the fall day one to savor.