Chill Down

A late day visit and cold temperatures kept my Mara B time brief today. There was a lot of activity around the Barn despite the cold. Trucks being loaded with grain, both a Vet and a farrier there working with horses. Mara had a meal, a short grooming session and we called it a day.

New Shack

Mara and I enjoyed some sweet views on our ride today. The biggest change we observed was the new hunting shack in place, a clear signal that things are about to change. We also had a mission, to look for a missing pup. We whistled and called to her, and low and behold she did appear as we were returning to the barn, and made it safely back.

No Wind

A day with no wind is a great day for riding. So today Mara and I liked, the warm sun and no wind as we explored more areas of the cow pasture again. The trees have lost so many leaves that we had great views of the woods. Riding in the opposite direction from the other day we explored a few little side trails, saw new sites and savored the peaceful setting.

Down to M

One more lovely day for a ride! Mara B and I headed to Country Road M in order to go the opposite direction of where we have been riding lately. The highlight was shimmering leaves in the sunlight and breeze. We also had a circle tour of the stable grounds, a few laps around the indoor arena, all which provided us some good connection.

Quiet with Colors

It was back to our quiet neighborhood lane for Mara and me this afternoon. A pleasant change of pace type ride that we both enjoy. Fun to observe the seasonal changes, we saw a jogger out with her pup and one UPS truck along the way.  Good fall smells, crunching leaves and a peaceful stroll for us today.

Horses then Gophers

On our way to the Gopher game today we stopped to have some Mara B time. Mara was caked in mud! It took two of us to groom her, we let her have some free play in the outdoor arena and a little snack time. It was then a day off from riding for Mara, while Jay and I went to watch the Gopher football team “row the boat.”

Farewell & a Loop

Today was our farewell to Anastasia and John of Yesterday we had our last photo shoot and we concluded an amazing experience with these two wonderful people. They drove off to Virginia this afternoon and Mara and I were off on a lovely ride with Jennifer and Bella. We shall all stay tuned for what’s next!

Mara’s Energy Burst

Jay visited Mara B with me this afternoon. It was clear she had energy to spare after she nipped me when I was cleaning her hoofs. So Mara got some free time in the outdoor arena and she loved it. We have our final interview and photo shoot with Anastasia and John of tomorrow. They will depart for Northern Virginia on Monday, what a marvelous experience we have had with them. Please send them your support if equine therapy is an interest to you too. Thank you.

University & Ride Day

Today we joined up with Char and SeaB for a nice ride together on a gorgeous afternoon. We met up with other stablemates along the way who were also out riding. While Anastasia and John made two presentations at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. It’s been great that they could share their project with the Equine program students. Mara B and I have had some interesting days this week!


Today marks one year of Mara Moments! What started as a small personal challenge has truly enriched my days. John of provided some tweaks today on Mara Moments home page. Please checkout the new improved blog format, another big milestone for the day. Thank you John and thank you to each of you who ride along with Mara B and Me, we are grateful for your interest and support. Happy trails to you.