Horses then Gophers

On our way to the Gopher game today we stopped to have some Mara B time. Mara was caked in mud! It took two of us to groom her, we let her have some free play in the outdoor arena and a little snack time. It was then a day off from riding for Mara, while Jay and I went to watch the Gopher football team “row the boat.”

Farewell & a Loop

Today was our farewell to Anastasia and John of Yesterday we had our last photo shoot and we concluded an amazing experience with these two wonderful people. They drove off to Virginia this afternoon and Mara and I were off on a lovely ride with Jennifer and Bella. We shall all stay tuned for what’s next!

Mara’s Energy Burst

Jay visited Mara B with me this afternoon. It was clear she had energy to spare after she nipped me when I was cleaning her hoofs. So Mara got some free time in the outdoor arena and she loved it. We have our final interview and photo shoot with Anastasia and John of tomorrow. They will depart for Northern Virginia on Monday, what a marvelous experience we have had with them. Please send them your support if equine therapy is an interest to you too. Thank you.

University & Ride Day

Today we joined up with Char and SeaB for a nice ride together on a gorgeous afternoon. We met up with other stablemates along the way who were also out riding. While Anastasia and John made two presentations at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. It’s been great that they could share their project with the Equine program students. Mara B and I have had some interesting days this week!


Today marks one year of Mara Moments! What started as a small personal challenge has truly enriched my days. John of provided some tweaks today on Mara Moments home page. Please checkout the new improved blog format, another big milestone for the day. Thank you John and thank you to each of you who ride along with Mara B and Me, we are grateful for your interest and support. Happy trails to you.

Visit with the Camera

Mara and I did have a lovely outing to Sam’s today. However the more exciting part of our day was the photo shoot with

Anastasia and John spent an hour at the stable with us and we enjoyed it all. It’s a pleasure to be participating in their documentary film project. Please join us in lending them your support if this speaks to your heart. Thank you.

Birds and Berries 

We circled Sam’s this afternoon and saw many birds on the telephone wires and black berries on some bushes. It was a more energetic ride than relaxing ride for some reason. However the day was gorgeous and the temps ideal. Six new horses arrived at the stable today, another sign that school is starting.

Behind the Scenes

Mara’s main activity for the day was a visit with her farrier Brian. Brian trims her hoofs every six to seven weeks. While Mara stands for the trim, Brutus shows up to eat the hoof trimmings, the new barn cat likes some food and paddocks were being cleaned. A few of the many behind the scenes stable activities, Mara B enjoys them all.

Back to the Trail

This afternoon Mara and I rode down the road and down the shady trail. Great to be out of the indoor, and the weather was spectacular, plenty of sunshine, warm and still. Flies however are really bad for the horses right now. It felt like an ordinary ride, but very pleasant and relaxing. In one word, we saw lots of corn!

Cut Field to Bales 

Highlighting some of the behind the scenes stable operations today. Mara and I headed down past Sam’s this afternoon where the fields had been cut and baled a few days ago. The bales were then loaded on to hay wagons. Mara and I saw seven full wagons waiting to be unloaded. We enjoy watching the work cycles of River Brink Stables.