Ground Connections

From trimming Mara’s bridle path to having her hoofs trimmed, today was a day of connecting on the ground with her. We went over poles on the lunge line, did bending and flexing and just played together with arena toys on the ground. Mara and I both enjoyed the change of pace.


Mara B loves her hay! She is often enjoying the round bale when I arrive to visit her. While on our travels to Iowa we were delighted to meet Arthur Geisert, the illustrator of “Haystack” – a beautiful picture book with exquisite colored etchings. “Haystack” teaches that a haystack is more than just a pile of hay. No wonder Mara loves it. Many people like the smell of hay, especially when horses are eating it.

Trail & Fields

Today felt like a perfect summer day, it was ideal for riding. We got out with Char and SeaB and made a good loop, both horses were awesome. We are seeing a tiny bit of red starting to appear and some test rows of corn that have been cut. A summer type day with a few signs of fall slipping in.

Rain & Inside Play

Mara and I had a good change of pace in the indoor arena this afternoon. Lunging and stepping over poles, bending and flexing. We don’t often play inside so today’s rain provided us the chance. We looked ‘out’ rather than looking down the trail.

Fencing and Showering 

Riding out we stopped to say hello to the guys who were repairing the paddock fence that had gone down yesterday. Mara and I had such a relaxing ride time today, we both enjoyed a slow saunter and took in the sights.  Mara received a good spray down after our ride and she loved the rinse off. Of course she had rolled already by the time I drove out the driveway.


Today marks one year of Mara Moments! What started as a small personal challenge has truly enriched my days. John of provided some tweaks today on Mara Moments home page. Please checkout the new improved blog format, another big milestone for the day. Thank you John and thank you to each of you who ride along with Mara B and Me, we are grateful for your interest and support. Happy trails to you.

Devine Morning 

Lorrie and her horse Devine joined us for a walk to Sam’s this morning. Our ride was peaceful and pleasant on a beautiful summer day. There was a lot of action at the barn before we rode. A vet was checking horses, a farrier was trimming hoofs and Peanut was giving pony rides! Fun stable activities at River Brink.

Horse has Hives

Mara has reacted to insect bites and she has hives, they look like welts. I noticed them immediately and they were warm to the touch. So my horse time was driving to the Vet Clinic to pickup her medication. I ran into two horse gals from my past, Cheyenne and Liz are now working at the Vet Clinic. It was very nice to see them both. I returned to the stable and gave Mara B her medicine and think we will reverse this quickly. Hoping she’ll be better in a day or two.

Morning Massage

Christina is an equine massage therapist who gave Mara a massage this morning. This is treatment for stiffness mostly, and Mara loves everything about it! Proponents of equine massage list a number of positive effects, including the improvement of movement and reduction of pain or stress. We use it for conditioning, wellness and her overall fitness.

After a massage you do not ride them that day. Mara had a big snack, a big drink and returned to her paddock for a day of relaxation.

Morning Ride & Mowed Ditches

Mara and I had a peaceful morning ride today. Having the ditches mowed is a welcome sight for us. Riding the road presents various factors to consider. One is that the asphalt and gravel can be hard on her feet and she is “barefoot” meaning she does not wear shoes. So I like to ride in the ditches until the grass gets too long and I can not see her footing. Then there is the issue of the long grass where ticks may be found. Mara has been immunized against tick borne diseases, but I still really want to minimize her chances of picking up any ticks. So when the ditches get mowed I’m pleased we can ride them again. After our rides I always groom her again and look for ticks!