Mara as Mentor

My buddy Ross, is interested in horses, and today Mara was his guide and mentor. Andri joined us and the two horses offered him an excellent horsemanship session. We interacted with the herd, groomed and grazed the horses and toured the stable grounds. Another very fun horse class. My ride out then, took us past Sams and around Julie’s new spread. Mara also had a mentoring session with the one brave cow who did not dash away as we rode past on our way home.

Active Vistor

Mara and I always enjoy having visitors! Today my neighbor Matthew spent the afternoon at the barn with us and we had a very active visit. Grooming Andri, going out on a ride together (I rode and Matthew rode his mountain bike along side of Mara and me) while Matthew filmed with his GoPro camera. Then Char and SeaB provided ride time for Matthew to enjoy. Active, fun and an exciting horse day for all of us.

Horse Camp

Fun horse time today with Alicia, Abby, Olivia and Annamaria.  The girls really groomed Andri and Mara B, Andri even got braids. Annamaria enjoyed a pony ride on Andri and Mara was our lesson horse. A special horse camp day together, thanks for visiting gals.

Devine Morning 

Lorrie and her horse Devine joined us for a walk to Sam’s this morning. Our ride was peaceful and pleasant on a beautiful summer day. There was a lot of action at the barn before we rode. A vet was checking horses, a farrier was trimming hoofs and Peanut was giving pony rides! Fun stable activities at River Brink.

College Classmates Show n Tell 

Sharing Mara is a treat and today Karen and Mary came for a little horse adventure. Show n Tell included grooming and grazing Andri and Mara plus “ride” time on Mara B! Horses and gals all had a pleasant experience. Thanks for visiting us friends.

Morning Ride

Before the afternoon rains, Mara and I had two great buddy rides.  We made a lap around the dairy loop and a few laps around the outdoor arena. Good trail riding for us! The sprinkles arrived as we were returning to the barn.

Kathryn and Peanut


Very nice to have Kathryn taking lessons on Gus now! Rachel is their instructor and everyone had a good ride this morning. Mara and I had a little ride too and we met up with Nora on her pony Peanut! Spring riding has officially begun. Yeah. ☀

A Slow Saturday


Listening to Mara I learned she was hoping for a slow Saturday, and that fit for me too. So we had the barn to ourselves and Mara enjoyed some of the “indoor” hay, a little grooming and time to trot around the arena. Some relaxing Mara Moments for both of us.

Special Sunday wranglers

Cindy and I entertained Oliver, Ingrid and Ian on our super horses this Sunday afternoon! Fun was had by all, thus a special Sunday post to share. Thanks for visiting!

A dedicated ride today

Some days when Mara B and I ride out solo we dedicate the ride to someone who may need some positive vibes from above. Today our ride was dedicated to Kyle, this morning Jay, Peter and I attended Kyle’s funeral, his life tragically ended a week ago when his vehicle was hit by an oncoming truck. His wife Elizabeth is a special family friend. Kyle loved horses, nature and silence.