Rode (the road) with Rio

Kim and Rio rode with us this afternoon on the Meyer loop road, and Kim is the photographer for a few of today’s photos, thanks Kim. we had an ideal day to enjoy the sun the breeze and the fields riding this perfect peaceful sandy field road.

We saw turkeys today and were amazed at the height of the corn already.

We extended the outing off on to a side road and then returned home through the Meyer Farm again. The cows were being fed and we noticed the thistle is flowering, which looked lovely from afar.

This last day of “Spring” gave us a wonderful ride.

Puddles & Bench

The path to Mara’s paddock was mostly a puddle today.

She was happy to see me and came right to the gate so I would take her into the barn for a snack and a break from the rain.

I sat on the barn bench while Mara munched on her hay close by. We both felt slow and lazy, so I removed the wet muddy fly boots, let her dry off a bit and we decided to wrap up the days visit.

When I returned Mara B to her paddock she stopped for a big drink.

Hope we get to ride out tomorrow!

Gate Practice

Mara and I had a little change up in routine today. First she practiced being tied in the indoor and waiting patiently for me, which she did very well. Then she had free running around time in the outdoor arena and enjoyed kicking up her heels.

Our ride kept us close to home, but it was pleasant to see the fields waving in the breeze as we walked past. Next we had outdoor arena riding, with lots of trotting and practice with opening and closing the gate. I wanted her to side pass next to the gate so I could move it, but Mara B wanted to do it herself her way! And she was great at opening the gate in both directions.

I guess we get to do things our own way, when it works just fine either way!

Peonies & Racoon

Mara B and I had a beautiful walk along the back trail this afternoon. The leaves are so huge, the hay field has not yet been cut and we checked the height of the corn.

We thought the peonies were a highlight of the ride, however on the way back we had our first ever Raccoon sighting. The raccoon came out of the cornfield, ran up the trail in front of us before crossing into the woods! (sorry it was so fast there are no photos you need to use your imagination.)

Returning to the Barn, Mara nibbled on some hay and I relaxed on “the bench” with JAC (aka Socks.)

Some sweet summer.

Out with Devine

Lorrie and Devine rode down past Sam’s with Char, SeaB, Mara and me this afternoon. We all loved smelling the fresh cut alfalfa we rode past, and we even watched Sam out in the field turning it to dry it.

Char and I then took our horses up to the top of the cow pasture where we saw a few deer, very tall grass and huge thistle. Mara and I agreed today’s outing and the aromatherapy was ‘divine.’

All so very fresh and green.

Surprise on the Trail

When I arrived to visit Mara B today the paddock pals were sharing the shade.

And another true sign of summer is that school’s out. So we got to chat with Wendy and Peanut (plus mom Molly.) Always a treat!

After chatting, Jennifer and Bella and Mara and I headed off to ride the dairy loop, Mara gave some hesitation and a little attitude twice when “crossing the dike sections.” Bella had to save her and take the lead…..then up we come through the bushes and find our surprise!

Julie and Lulu and pups where out on a hike! So Mara was alert to them being out there I guess. (Julie owns Barbie and the darling new foal, she said he is still unnamed.)

A fun summer surprise for all of us.

Field Road

The paddocks were being scraped and cleaned this afternoon when I met up with Mara B. The horses are so calm about the bobcat in their paddock, the tractor and manure spreader going past many times. It’s one of the seasonal Stable routines we are all familiar with.

Mara and I trotted part of the way down to Sam’s for our ride time and then continued on the field road between the woods and the hay field.

The deer flies found us and joined us on our ride home, notice one on Mara’s neck.

We tried to ignore those darn deer flies and focused on the wild flowers we were seeing instead.

Jack & Peanut

Mara and I enjoyed a visit from Abby, Jack and Peanut this afternoon. Peanut is young and in training so today she had a trailer ride, a different stable to investigate and was ponied along on our ride.

The rain showers did however catch us on the way back to the Barn!

It was a new adventure for all of us and Abby was even still smiling when we made it back inside.

Peanut was brave and charming, and she even has a little Mara B look to her too!

Gardens & Lawns

Mara B and I were ready for an outing this morning and we liked strolling the quiet neighborhood street. The beautiful lawns and gardens were lovely and Toni even invited us up to see her gardens and cute shed where she grows herbs.

We also noticed the snowy white fluff from cottonwood trees fly through the air and blanket the ground today.

This lawn is one of my favorites and motivated me to get home and on to my own yard work!

Mara B was very good and seemed to also be happy to be out and about on such a nice morning.

Shade & Water

Mara B and Spice were chilling side by side when I arrived for an early morning visit. It’s a sizzler this Memorial Day with temps expected in the high 90s. Mara and I went into the outdoor arena for a change of view and a little exercise.

However what we both preferred was cool water and a shaded space to relax.

This Memorial Day we honor the fallen people and war horses who have served our country.