Tassels & Beans

Good to be back out on a ride with Mara, Kim and Rio today! We had a perfect summer day to inspect the crops. Tassels on the corn now, and the beans have really grown since the last time we saw this field. Peak summer riding.

Pause, New Territory & Food

Mara and I showed Kim and Rio some new territory on today’s ride. We saw taller corn, bean fields and hay being raked. We paused to take it all in before going off the Meyers loop into a bit of new territory. Both horses were great and Mara had a fresh food delivery when I returned her to the paddock.

Familiar Ride Many Variables 

Today’s ride was through the Meyer Farm, a familiar route for us. However we had a loose puppy in the yard, the cows were “up on the hillside” not in their regular pen and a tractor was pulling a hay wagon down the service road. Mara was on the cautious side walking through these ‘out of the ordinary’ conditions. Riding “out” is always about what new situation horse and rider will encounter, it’s what keeps things fresh. My eye caught all the thistle in bloom!

Second Cutting and Tree Cutting 

The alfalfa field was being cut for the second time already. Our quiet neighborhood lane was a buzz with a chainsaw and many flowers greeted us along the road. Clothes were drying out on a clothesline, Mara was wonderful, and it was a peaceful ride together this Monday afternoon. 🌼🌿✌️we hope your summer day was as sweet.

Butterflies, Daisies & Sky

Ideal conditions for our Friday morning ride today. Mara and I noticed many butterflies and daisies along a section of the trail, sweet signs of summer. Plus the sky was brilliant, Mara and I really enjoyed it all. Rolling when I returned her to the paddock may of been Mara’s highlight of the morning though!


No photos of trucks, because it would be to complex for me to take them while I’m mounted. Todays peaceful stroll down the quiet neighborhood lane was about trucks. We encountered the garbage truck, a big orange dump truck and a cement truck. (Very unusual) Mara handles it, but it feels tentative in the saddle as they go by. We only stopped to photograph the height of the corn for you today. We rode a bit of the back trail to finish our ride in a relaxing way. Where we did find a peaceful moment when we met up with Jackie and Leo!

Loudest Ride Ever

Mara and I made it into the indoor arena right before the beating rain started. We had heavy rain, thunder, lightening and hail hitting the roof, it was extremely loud. Imagine being under a metal roof with the elements pounding, that was today’s ride! A new experience for both of us, Mara handled it reasonably well, but I will admit she did eventually loose her focus. A ride for the record books.

Next Ride

I have had Book time in Chicago with librarians from across the world and it has been a great ride.

Now Mara B and I look forward to our next ride together. Happy trails on your day today. ✌️🌼

Sun and Bug Protection 

There were beautiful clouds on today’s outing! Mara and I had a wonderful summer ride with friends. We ventured in to more new territory too, and that’s always fun for us. Everyone enjoyed seeing this horse at the neighborhood stable who came to the fence to greet us! Some folks like to cover and protect their horses from flys and sun. Mara B however does not have any such attire.

Intersection @ M

Obstacles along this mornings ride did not prevent Mara B from enjoying the outing! Our destination was the intersection of County Road M. We encountered the downed tree plus maintenance workers and crossed the road with traffic around. All good situations for Mara to have to handle when walking alongside a well traveled road. We wrapped up the ride with a peaceful stroll over to the cows across the road from Mara’s paddock. 🌼🌿☀️