An Addition

Starting in the round pen for Mara to stretch her legs and expend energy has been working well for us lately, it’s what we did today. Then we headed up to the cow pasture and found the new addition which signals big changes for our outings. Riding up and then back down from the cow pasture is good excerise for Mara and I like the views. A good ride for us, cool temps but calm winds.

Brrr & Burrs

Brrr it’s cold outside, so let’s not talk about the weather today. Mara and I have been seeing burrs on our rides lately, and pasture horses are finding them too!

Great Fall Day

Today was an awesome day to be out riding horses. Mara and I were able to ride out with Abby and Jack for a great afternoon of trail riding. We enjoyed spectacular weather and spectacular views! We met up with friends also out riding, our horses were happy and the fall day one to savor.

Crows In The Cornfields

We covered some new territory on today’s ride with Melodee and Spice! Fun to now be able to ride around the perimeter of cut cornfields. Did we ever scare up cawing crows! The crows were annoyed that we disturbed their lunch, we saw and heard fifty plus crows fly up as we approached. Another great ride with two great horses.

Solemn Stroll

Jennifer and Bella joined Mara B and me for a purposeful dedicated ride today. We walked quietly through the beauty of nature for all effected by the tragedy in Las Vegas. Peace.

Ride Along The River 

Mara and I teamed up again with Abby and Jack and headed to the river this afternoon. We had a great ride, crossed the water, saw two fly fisherman and enjoyed the lovely day. This is a more demanding ride and one I don’t do alone, so I really appreciated the outing. An energetic way to end the week.

Ice Cream & The Dairy Loop

Mara and I investigated the ice cream truck that was making deliveries this afternoon. Then we joined up with Abby and Jack for a very good ride around the dairy loop. Another day of great fall weather, perfect for trail riding.

Rain & Inside Play

Mara and I had a good change of pace in the indoor arena this afternoon. Lunging and stepping over poles, bending and flexing. We don’t often play inside so today’s rain provided us the chance. We looked ‘out’ rather than looking down the trail.

Early Morning Ride

Getting to the barn early this morning was a real treat. A few horses were still in stalls, the barn cat was still snoozing and there was a peaceful stillness. Mara and I had such a pleasant ride out, with the golden morning sunlight being a highlight. A sweet way to start the day.

Doors in the Woods!

Melodee and Spice and Mara B and I had a great ride together this afternoon, but our horses got very hot and sweaty. Because today was back to August like temps, and the horses are now getting longer thicker hair.  As you see, Brutus had it all figured out, and simply enjoyed the cool cement floor. Of course finding doors in the woods was the biggest event of the ride!