Rain & Inside Play

Mara and I had a good change of pace in the indoor arena this afternoon. Lunging and stepping over poles, bending and flexing. We don’t often play inside so today’s rain provided us the chance. We looked ‘out’ rather than looking down the trail.

Early Morning Ride

Getting to the barn early this morning was a real treat. A few horses were still in stalls, the barn cat was still snoozing and there was a peaceful stillness. Mara and I had such a pleasant ride out, with the golden morning sunlight being a highlight. A sweet way to start the day.

Doors in the Woods!

Melodee and Spice and Mara B and I had a great ride together this afternoon, but our horses got very hot and sweaty. Because today was back to August like temps, and the horses are now getting longer thicker hair.  As you see, Brutus had it all figured out, and simply enjoyed the cool cement floor. Of course finding doors in the woods was the biggest event of the ride!

University & Ride Day

Today we joined up with Char and SeaB for a nice ride together on a gorgeous afternoon. We met up with other stablemates along the way who were also out riding. While Anastasia and John made two presentations at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. It’s been great that they could share their http://www.equusfilm.org project with the Equine program students. Mara B and I have had some interesting days this week!

Now it’s Labor Day

Labor Day seems to mark a conclusion to summer I guess….Mara B and I kissed the summer farewell and are now looking forward to our autumn rides. The round pen is where we spent time this afternoon for Mara to burn off some real energy.

An Adventurous Ride

A ride to the river is one of our significant trail rides. Today Mara and I made it to the river with a buddy, crossing the water twice! Since Mara and I do not venture there solo, we really enjoyed the extra adventure of today’s outing. Water adds that something extra.


Mara B and I had a pleasant solo outing this afternoon. We walked up a private driveway to enjoy this majestic Cottonwood. Then circled the hay field by Sam’s that had recently been cut. Returning to the barn we watched the neighborhood cows that live across the road, some real Wisconsin beauty!

A Brisk Walk

We rode off through the Meyers Farm headed for the ‘parked’ old/retired equipment spot as our destination. The wind was up, the temps on the cool side and we were riding solo, I also had a new saddle pad on Mara. She walked briskly most of the ride, so I’m not certain which factor or factors played into her pace, but we covered some ground on this ride. Good exercise!

Behind the Scenes

Mara’s main activity for the day was a visit with her farrier Brian. Brian trims her hoofs every six to seven weeks. While Mara stands for the trim, Brutus shows up to eat the hoof trimmings, the new barn cat likes some food and paddocks were being cleaned. A few of the many behind the scenes stable activities, Mara B enjoys them all.

Ideal Summer Ride

Kim and I took Rio and Mara on a good long ride this afternoon with ideal conditions. We rode down a new road and saw a darling little front yard “hobby barn” which housed a goat, bunny, pig and a chicken all together! We even went “up on top” off the Meyers loop for some fabulous views. I’d say the horses enjoyed the outing as much as the humans.