Jay’s Workout

Enjoy the fruits of Jay’s photography from our Mara B time together this warm Saturday afternoon (Jay said “an afternoon of very high humidity” thus the ‘workout’ terminology!) I rode, Mara walked and Jay was our photographer while hiking through the lower meadow of the cow pasture.

It was lovely.

Jay was artistic and a real trooper!

Thank you Jay!

Still & Shade

Mara and I had a morning ride with very quiet and still conditions, so peaceful and calm. We took the shady back trail to the road behind the neighborhood stable.

Only “sighting” was the neighborhood stable horses out grazing.

We rode the length of the road both directions and returned to the barn via the same shaded trail. Summer heat had warmed us both up.

Mara B was wonderful and we both had a pleasant outing, we then saw Mara’s buddies relaxing in the shade when we turned the corner back at the barn.

A warm and lovely summer day in Wisconsin.

Apples and Acorns

Rio and Kim and Mara and I headed up to the cow pasture this morning and since there are no cows there this summer we delighted in strolling through the apple orchard.

We saw acorns and enjoyed the woods too.

We rode the dairy loop next and I’ll end today’s post with one of my favorite views from there.

A great Thursday ride. (Thanks for your additional photos Kim.)

Cows Overhead

Today’s ride started with going through the Meyer Farm and some cows happened to be in the upper pasture. In the past Mara has been nervous about seeing them there, however today all was fine with cows being over our heads!

Kim and Rio joined us for the loop plus an extra side road. Corn was a main observation of the ride, now silk tassels have appeared.

Plus a few small green apples, as summer continues to progress.

A pleasant ride before some afternoon showers.

Seventeen Kayaks

Great ride this morning with Tiff and Frank and Kim and Rio. We headed to the river and made it right to the water beautifully with Frank leading the way down.

Frank, Mara and Rio all enjoyed a drink and rest at the water before we crossed to the other side and headed to the Dam.

We were at this point (next photo) on the ride when a steady stream of seventeen kayaks floated our way! I was too focused at the moment to take pictures, this one is from after the fact. Mara was fine for the first ten or so and then she started to question what’s up.

I felt she was “up” and we had some struggles but we completed the ride in good shape and all enjoyed the adventure.

The three horses had a relaxed walk home, while the three horsegals reflected on the ride. Tiff was our super wrangler and Frank our calm steady rock star.

Round Pen & A Solo

Mara seems to be in pretty good shape these days, so I like to warm her up in the round pen before we ride off. Today she really moved out, warmed up and enjoyed her fast free movement time.

This works for both of us since I ride at a slower pace! We then enjoyed a perfect peaceful solo ride around the dairy loop. We went over both of the dam/dike sections beautifully which made me proud, as I have had trepidation about those areas riding alone but today I did it. (Mara B has more confidence than I do at times I think.)

My observation for the day was seeing all the climbing vines growing on trees and fences that we passed.

A good start to August for us.

End of July

Good ride today to wrap up the month of July! With Kim and Rio, Mara and I covered some different tracks. From County Road M to our quiet neighborhood street. We encountered a dump truck, a tractor a speedy delivery truck and plenty of cars. The horses are really good about it.

We even went down a private driveway (by invitation) and saw the neighboring steer roping setup that I had not seen before.

Continued to the power line road and rode to the upper fields with great views.

Rio and Mara were wonderful, both were very warm, and the riders were feeling their knees by the time we returned to the barn. Great last day of July ride for us. (Thanks for your photos Kim.)

Enjoyed the Youngins

A new pup at the stable! We met Breyer today and will be delighted to watch him grow.

Kim and Rio and Mara and I rode a fun double loop this morning and also stopped to check on Barbies young foal, he was very engaged with us!

We had a gorgeous calm summer day for a perfect trail ride.

Returned to the Barn and met up with our super special young horse pals!

Feeling young at heart too.

Evening Ride Morning Ride

After resting up from Horse Camp yesterday I returned to the Barn for an evening ride. Peter joined me as photographer so here are a few photos from last night with Peter and Mara B.

Returning to the barn we met up with Maddie and enjoyed chatting with her and watched her bring in the stall horses for the night. Fun for us to see the evening stable routines.

This morning on our outing we met up with Jackie and Cindy and stopped to sing Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Mara B and I continued on our separate way and happened to confront a large scary straw bale that we had never seen before. I dismounted to walk Mara past it and let her examine it, remounted and we went further down the way to Sam’s. We walked back past the big bale again on the way home with no issues. (I carry my lead rope on my saddle as a safety measure for these situations.)

Lots of photos to share today, but Mara B and I have had lots of time together these past 24 hours! So an extra show n tell to post plus a big thank you to Peter.

Folly & Lace

Mara is on the last days of the antibiotics and she likes to raise her head in a little protest when she sees what’s up, so I’ve been standing on this stool to put the syringe in her mouth, we have worked out an easy groove and she received her dose twice today.

Folly is another mare of Jennifer’s and we all met up and rode together in the outdoor arena this morning. Mara B and I trot circles, drills and serpentines which is a fun change for us.

Mara and I then rode down the road and loved seeing the ditches filled with Queen Anne’s Lace, a lovely summer sight.

A simple delight of nature.