Symbiotic: Cleaning & Grooming

Jay joined me to check on Mara this afternoon, she was muddy and mellow. We cleaned, groomed and fed her. When we returned Mara to the paddock it was fun to watch Gus and Rosie’s symbiotic relationship as they cleaned and groomed each other too. Super sweet.


Mara has been able to now move on from the medicated poultice pad to the sugardine treatment for her hoof abscess. The sugardine is Betadine mixed with sugar to the consistency of peanut butter, packed on the hoof and secured with a baby diaper, vet wrap and duct tape. She has made wonderful progress, thank goodness. We visited the pasture horses on the way back to her paddock, and she enjoyed saying hi to Jack.

Sea Oats

I left the Sea Oats behind and I’m looking forward to reuniting with Mara B! Hannah has let me know that Mara has come up lame today. (Who knows why?) We will check it all out in the morning, for now Hannah was giving her Bute (an anti-inflammatory for horses.) One of the numerous situations a horse owner must manage, hopefully just something minor.

Changing Views

Mara and I started our time together today in the arena for some warm up drills. Then we caught a period of very calm winds for our ride time. The changing views we now see, are very dry corn, fewer leaves hanging on the branches and totally cleared fields. We also see into the woods that we walk along, the views are definitely “opening up.”

Turning the Hay & Wheat Fields 

This morning Kim, Rio, Mara B and I rode off in the opposite direction from yesterday. We walked past “the dairy” and watched hay being turned in one field. We also notice the corn really shooting up and as you can see, the wheat fields are beautiful. Summer season rides down the road providing beautiful views. 🌼🌿✌️

Mara’s Vacation Time

Mara is on vacation time while Jay and I are in Chicago volunteering with Little Free Library at the American Library Association conference. We support Little Free Library in our son Benjamin’s memory. Walking around the exhibition hall we found a few good horse books! Chicago has been great and Mara is home under the watchful eye of friends.

Long Views and Small Surprises 

This afternoon Mara and I had a good ride with long views and curves in the road. We rode through the Meyer Farm both directions.  Today we added a long jog trot pace on this sandy service road between the fields. The red berries in the woods have just appreared in the past few days, as a little surprise.

Puddles on the Path

With all the rain we have had the past 24 hours we rode the roads, this afternoon. Trials and fields are to soft and sloppy, and we don’t want to leave deep impressions behind. Mara was a very good gal.



Mara munched while I was busy “shedding her out” and you’re only seeing a small amount of the hair that came off her today! The slop buckets are not only full of manure but tons of hair too. Mara is being transformed and she’s looking great! This is satisfying work.