Mud, Puddles & Rest 

Mara B and I took a rest day today! After the heavy rain we were left with muddy puddles and humid air. Mara had her grain, some grooming and a little excercise in the indoor arena. I cleaned her brushes while she munched on hay. Always enjoyable to just hang out together.

Neighbors Garden & Pete’s Steer

Mara B and I had a peaceful stroll through the quiet neighborhood. Many flower gardens are looking really good. Returning to the stable we found Ryan pulling the mechanical steer in the outdoor arena. Mara had some steer tracking time and she did really well! A fun change of pace for us.

Tassels & Beans

Good to be back out on a ride with Mara, Kim and Rio today! We had a perfect summer day to inspect the crops. Tassels on the corn now, and the beans have really grown since the last time we saw this field. Peak summer riding.

Turn on the Fans

Hot, humid, muddy and buggy best describes my visit with Mara this afternoon. I brought her in for some cool, shade in the barn. Fans on stalls were running to provide a bit of relief from the sticky heat. I fed her, groomed her and sprayed her with fly spray, plenty of action for such a hot day.

Morning with Mara B

I had an early visit with Mara this morning. The barn was still being cleaned and most of the horses were eating their breakfast. Mara had excercise time in the round pen before our ride in the outdoor arena. A pleasant way to start the day. 🌼🌿✌️

Round Pen & Indoor 

On and off drizzles kept us around the barn this afternoon. Mara was able to expend some energy in the round pen where she gets to be loose. The end door on the pasture side of the arena is open now, so we liked the light and breeze.  Mara B and I had a good trotting session for our arena ride time.

Cottonwood Puffs

Cottonwood puffs were blowing around on today’s ride, a special treat! A friend and I rode past the cows seeking shade and around this beautiful field of oats. A warm summer morning ride we enjoyed.

Summer Heat

It was a hot one today, Mara and I walked down to the dairy in the direct sun. We found this hay wagon full of fresh bales waiting to be delivered to storage. Then we hugged the woods resting in some shade, and rode the edges of the field that had recently been cut. We did catch a breeze on the way back, but the temperature was 88 when I left the barn.

Early Summer Surprise 

Mara B and I had a quiet, calm, peaceful time together this afternoon. I would call it moseying relaxed slow time, we were not in a hurry.  The surprise was to see apples already, it seems so early to me. Our stroll was along corn fields and along this cut alfalfa that’s waiting to be raked and turned, it smelled wonderful.