Motorcycle, Horses & Semi

Mara B and I saw three distinct modes of transportation during our time together today. Always fun to see Tyler pull up on his motorcycle, Mara B enjoys him as much as I do and today we checked out his new Harley. (I asked about his tee shirt, and Tyler explained he rides as a security team member on a Breast Cancer Motorcycle Fundraising Ride!)

Returning from down the road we got to chat with pals Cindy and Jackie on their lovely Icelandic horses.

Mara and I then turned back around and returned towards Sam’s again to avoid the Semi truck that was maneuvering around and parking at the farm we would need to walk past.

It was also garbage pick up day but at least we missed the garbage truck!

Petite & Tall

This morning Mara B and I thoroughly enjoyed an outing with the Icelandic horses Leo and Kole and their special people Jackie and Pam. Since Jackie commented on how tall Mara is I let her sit on her before our ride! A treat for Mara for sure.

We rode a bit of the sunny road and a bit of the cool shaded back trail.

It’s now summer time hot, so the horses got a cool rinse off in the shower stall when we returned to the barn.

Active Vistor

Mara and I always enjoy having visitors! Today my neighbor Matthew spent the afternoon at the barn with us and we had a very active visit. Grooming Andri, going out on a ride together (I rode and Matthew rode his mountain bike along side of Mara and me) while Matthew filmed with his GoPro camera. Then Char and SeaB provided ride time for Matthew to enjoy. Active, fun and an exciting horse day for all of us.

Morning Ride

Before the afternoon rains, Mara and I had two great buddy rides.  We made a lap around the dairy loop and a few laps around the outdoor arena. Good trail riding for us! The sprinkles arrived as we were returning to the barn.

Super Fun Horse Visit

Family fun day with Jane, Julia, Trey, Louisa and George visiting us! Peanut, Andri and Gus were fabulous mounts to enjoy.  A special thank you to our wonderful barn friends who made this all possible. We have a few new cowboys and cowgirls in the family now.

New Territory & a Fancy Halter

Cindy and Paskar showed us a hidden trail off the Meyers loop that took us up up up to a hay field. We circled the edge of the beautiful hay field walking next to woods. Mara and I were in new territory that was very fun to ride. After going up the trail head comes having to slowly walk down it. Our horses were rock stars going both up and down today! Then Lorrie surprised us and passed on a fancy reconditioned leather halter to Mara B (aka Export)  Which is a treat for both of us. A gorgeous summer day with some extra fun for us. ✌️🌿🌼

Grooming & Walking for 2


My friend Jackie and I had a splendid morning of relaxing horse time. Mara B and Andri received luxurious brushing, a tandem walk and a little nibble of grass. The second spa day at the barn.

Icelandic Parade


As Dave said “Native American Paint (Mara B) meets the Northern European horses (Icelandics.) We enjoyed the parade of Icelandics out and about at River Brink this afternoon.

Warm & Relaxing


Mara and I are delighted to be getting some “Andri” time while his owner is on an extended holiday. I’ll be walking, grooming and  checking on him for a few weeks now. We are seeing signs of spring everywhere and Mara even had some clean up time in the shower stall this afternoon.

Walk with the Icelandics


Mara B and I enjoyed a brisk and friendly walk with our Icelandic horse friends this afternoon. Fun to follow behind their formation of three, riding abreast down the trail. The “Iceies” are charming and affectionate horses.