Animal-Assisted Therapy 

Mara and Lindy (my comfort pup) are home this week with special pals. Jay and I headed to the Southwest. We have enjoyed seeing animal assisted therapy all along the way. Six therapy/comfort dogs were on our flight from Minnesota. AAT is a type of therapy for emotional well-being celebrating the human animal bond. I’m thankful for my therapy/comfort companions.

Bridle On

Mara and I had fun arena activity this afternoon. She had lunge line time and then I put her bridle on right over her halter for some overdue ride time. Mara is chubby and hairy and so I rode bareback! Just walking circles, but having her back in her bridle and for me to have a little ride was pleasant. Bareback riding has not been my mode in decades, but it was warm and good for me to try again.

Mara’s Recheck

Brian and Hannah rechecked Mara’s progress and determined that there was still an infection in the hoof  however the healing is progressing nicely. Another medicated poultice was applied for an additional day or two before starting the sugardine treatment. (Photos are from the archives.) And I was able to meet Lucy at the Alamo for my horse fix today.

Hoof Treatment 

Mara was extremely sore today, in fact she did not want to move. So Brian her farrier came into her paddock to treat the abscess. Brian tested the hoof, felt for heat and identified the site of the pocket of purulent material (much like a whitehead pimple.) He then trimmed hoof and created a small opening to relieve the pressure. Mara will continue to have her hoof wrapped with a medicated poultice pad. I’ll change the dressing in two days and Brian will return to recheck her on Friday. I gave Mara B more Bute and got her over to the water tank before saying goodbye. We are on the road to recovery.

Tender Foot

Mara B is lame, it’s probably an abscess (95% sure.) She was moving very slowly very gingerly this morning. We have separated her from her herd, to avoid the other horses forcing her to move unnecessarily. She is now comfortable outside across from her own paddock and resting comfortably we hope.  We delivered water and hay, put a poultice on her left front hoof and her farrier will attend to her on Monday. Mara B is clearly very tender on that hoof but has been an appreciative and sweet patient.

Winter Wear

Brutus is modeling winter wear! When I visited Mara today my outerwear included snow pants plus a face mask to wear under my wool hat. Mara goes without a blanket as she has always been an outside horse and her warm furry coat keeps her toasty. Mara had free excerise time in the indoor arena this afternoon as our main activity and she had plenty of energy.  The paddocks are icy so I like to let her move freely in the arena on days like this.