Extended Stride

Mara’s new saddle (with proper fit) is allowing her to get back to her very nice extended stride! Which is enjoyable for both of us. Mara had some “free” time in the round pen to move out before I mounted for todays ride.

Part of today’s ride was going out with Jennifer and Bella, it was warm, sunny and beautifully green. Then Mara and I continued to hike around the stable, both happy with her improved stride.

A New Seat

Maura G greatly assisted me with a very busy and focused saddle search yesterday. We found a used saddle online, picked it up, tried it out, and really liked it, so I purchased it to be Mara Bs new saddle! Fortunately many factors all came together, so today Mara B and I had our first ride in it.

Saddle fit is critical and an art I have learned, it must fit both horse and rider. I had naively been “clothes pinning” or pinching her withers with the other saddle I was using ☹️ Mara is moving out so much more comfortably now. So after our warmup in the outdoor arena we headed out around the stable grounds and to the lower cow pasture.

This gorgeous flowering tree was our additional extra special treat to enjoy along with our new saddle comfort!

Saddle Search

Mara B needs a new saddle and Maura G. helped with the search today.

Maura also put Mara B through the paces on the lunge line and I enjoyed watching.

We completed our Barn time with a stroll around the grounds and chatted with the pasture horses.

No riding for the moment, so we are really searching for Mara’s new (used) saddle.