Rainy Day & Inside Play

Jay and I visited Mara after the rain this afternoon. Jay had Saturday time with Mara B which started with grooming and cleaning her up while she eats a snack. We then played together in the indoor arena to stay dry.

We got a ball for her to kick and introduced her to a cart that she had never seen before. She seemed curious and checked it out.

But the highlight of our visit was Jay’s special attention that Ms Mara loves to receive.

Stitches Removed

Thank you Liz! Our pal Liz was bold, confident and competent this morning and helped clean Mara’s wound and snipped off the remaining stitches. Things are looking much better now and Mara B sure appreciated the fine treatment. We’re hoping it’s simply a matter of trying to keep it some what clean, keeping a little aerosol bandage on it and now let nature take its course.

We also had a good ride with three other pals and today’s observation was oats being cut.

The summer season is never static!

College Friends & Young Friends

Mara B and I had a fun and full morning together, first activity was watching the dragging/leveling/grooming work in the outdoor arena (the indoor arena was also dragged.) Some good seasonal stable maintenance getting done.

Summer allows some of the college gals to be around during the day, so Haley and Mackenzie joined in on today’s ride! It was fun to chat with them.

Plus we had darling young friends at the barn today, we met up with Annika when we all happened to stop by to visit Barbie and her Colt.

The youngest riders added a special sweet charm to our stable time!

Cool Down

Today was simply too hot to do much more than provide Mara B a little cool down time. Jay was in charge of Mara B this afternoon and both horse and human loved their bonding time together. We took Mara into the cool refreshing barn for a relaxing respite with food, grooming and then sprayed her with fly spray.

Fortunately the cool afternoon clouds were also very beautiful and refreshing.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all our special followers, summer has arrived.

Cow Pasture is Waiting

Mara B and I toured the top of the cow pasture this afternoon because soon the cows will be returning and we won’t be able to ride there. The pasture is lush and green and ready and waiting for the grazing cows to return. I enjoy this route so hopefully we’ll get another ride in before the gate is closed to riders for the summer.

We met a turkey and then a deer on the ride up.

A lovely and peaceful spot.

Transportation Modes

This afternoon my Barn time with Mara was about seeing various forms of transportation, Spring has brought out the tractors for sure.

And motorcycles too.

Plus we got to wave hello to the UPS truck!

We loved the blue sky and fluffy clouds, however strong winds kept our own ride time indoor today. Mara had fun and seemed to like the motorcycle the most!

Snowfree Indoor

Looks like Christmas around the stable as you can see from today’s photos! When I arrived Mara and Rosie were cozy outside their shelter, they are true best buddies these days and are often enjoying each other’s companionship. Mara and I spent some snowfree time in the indoor arena for bonding, grooming, free exercise and lunging. A highlight of today’s visit was tiding up the barns lost and found area with a couple of pals! That at least felt spring like.

Stall Horses Stay In

An April blizzard has found us today! Jay and I had an early visit with Mara this morning to beat the heavy snow that’s coming. The stall horses were kept in for the day because of the predicted heavy snowfall and powerful winds. The Barn had the feel of real warmth and energy, the stalls were being cleaned, the sleet was hitting the roof and Mara enjoyed some food, grooming and time to dry off. Our walk back to her paddock was quick to minimize our time in the wind and snow. Mara B made a quick dash to the shelter when we took off her halter.

Kitty Visit

Kitty, Maura, Helen, Holly and Mara, the five of us stayed out of the falling snow and enjoyed horse time in the indoor arena together this afternoon. Fun to have Kitty visiting, Maura visiting and two great horses to work with. A marvelous Monday!

Maura Meets Mara

My special cousin Maura met Mara and Holly today! Fun horse time for all four us. Holly was a gem, Mara had some schooling with Maura and our arena time was very enjoyable. Maura was delighted to have time at River Brink, to be back in the saddle and to meet other special horse enthusiasts.