Saturday Visit

Lots of snow dominated today’s horse time! Mara B practiced being tied and waiting patiently for me before our arena ride. Then Jay and I walked her through some deep snow on the return to her paddock. Mara closed her eyes as you can see, she’s had plenty of snow now I guess and so have we.

Ride with Chance

Just by chance, Mara B and I were tacking up and riding at the same time as Aubrey and her horse Chance! So today’s horse time spanned the generations, highlighting the ageless fun for gals and their horses. It was a treat for us.

Before and After

Mara had another frozen ice ball in her hoof this morning, and also had her farrier appointment today. The before photo shows the challenge for horses walking on a snow packed hoof. After her trim, her hooves were in much better shape. Mara and I both enjoyed Brian and Dillon, her friendly farriers and we rely on their talents for carrying for her feet.

Warming Room & Stretching

On cold days like today I always head first to the warmest room in the Barn, the bathroom to warm up Mara’s bit. We then had really good arena ride time, trotting circles and doing stretching exercises. Mara and I both admit to needing some improved flexibility, and today Mara had some practice. It just felt good to be back in the saddle, for me.

Rosie + Peanut 

Rosie is the new horse in Mara’s paddock and the two mares have been ignoring each other! Peanut the popular stable pony happened to be in the barn this afternoon and we learned that he is 22 years old! It’s always fun to say hi to Peanut. Mara and I spent our time in the indoor arena stretching and moving and then she had some food and grooming. Special cat JAC (aka Socks) who often keeps us company joined us again today, and we like that. These pals warmed us up on one more very cold day.

Jump Game

For a little change of pace today Mara and I “played” in the indoor arena with a tiny jump. Mara and I both got our exercise, I was on the chase and Mara B enjoyed the avoidance challenge. However she did successfully go over it a few times and she was able to move fast and free for amusement and sport. It’s refreshing to get off the rock hard icy paddock ground.

Snowy Snooze

When I arrived at the barn today, Mara B was warm in the winter sunshine as she snoozed in the snow. The temperature was seven degrees! Mara was very relaxed and really didn’t feel much like getting up. We did however venture into the Barn and indoor arena for our routine of excercising, grooming and Mara having a bite to eat, our time was low key, calm and relaxed. We also checked on the pasture horses to see what they were doing, which was not much.


Mara braced herself against the invigorating brisk wind walking in to the barn this afternoon! Once in the indoor arena however, she was frisky and full of energetic action, Mara wanted to play and move. Her paddock is icy, snowy and rock hard, so the footing in the indoor arena is a welcome change. We’ve been stopping by to visit the pasture horses on the way back to her paddock and she loves to greet Jack.


Mara B is home in the snow and we are on our way back to her. Our paths will cross again soon. We will warm each other up tomorrow. Happy Trails.

Healing Encounters & The Heard

Mara is enjoying some warm temps at home. I had a day of pleasant healing encounters and beautiful art. Sharing some art at The Heard Museum showing the horse human connection. Special and lovely experiences.