Family Fun

Jay and I enjoyed Mara B together this afternoon. Jay had practice time with Mara and shared his photography skills with me. Mara seems to enjoy her time with both of us!

Round Pen & Indoor 

On and off drizzles kept us around the barn this afternoon. Mara was able to expend some energy in the round pen where she gets to be loose. The end door on the pasture side of the arena is open now, so we liked the light and breeze.  Mara B and I had a good trotting session for our arena ride time.

Florence at the Mailbox

Today’s morning ride with Kim and Rio down the quiet neighborhood lane was very pleasant. We had two eagles soaring overhead and a warm welcome from Florence who was out at her mailbox when we rode past. Kim got this picture of me trying to photograph the Queen Anne’s Lace we spotted. It was a warm one, but we had a nice summer jaunt.

Neighbors & Maintenance Chores

Riders from the nearby stable rode through on their way to the river this morning. Mara stood with them while I took photos for them. It was nice to meet them and to chat about our horses. Maintenance chores are daily tasks around River Brink and today the indoor arena was being watered down and groomed while I was tacking up. A freshly groomed arena is always a treat. It was one spectacular July day to enjoy riding and barn time with Ms Mara B.

Family Visitors

Gretchen and Laura visited today! Very fun to introduce them to Mara B and to show them around the barn. Gretchen has been an early and supportive Mara Moments follower so it was fun to share some behind the scenes action with her. Mara enjoyed them and just maybe won a bit of their hearts too. Good Gal time! ✌️🌿🌼

Surprise on the Trail

Our ride through the Meyer Farm started with a pleasant surprise on the trail this morning. Mara and I met up with Seamus giving seven year old Eva a jaunt down the path! A few hawks also surprised us as they flew out over the trail. Generally there is a surprise of some sort waiting for us out on the trails. 🌼🌿☀️

Dandelion Season

Dandelions surrounded us on today’s ride! Kathryn and Gus joined us for an ideal morning ride to the dairy farm. It was fun to have Kathryn as a photographer for us too. Everything has now turned lush and green.

Happy May Day

Our May Day turned out to be blustery, cold and wet. (We hope yours was sunny, warm and spring like 🌼🌿🌸) Mara B and her pals wanted to just hang out in their shelter to stay dry. I took Mara into the arena, for her to have some extra hay and a little light grooming. Brian our farrier was also on hand this morning to trim Mara’s hoofs.

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. Mara B takes me to beautiful places in nature which soothes my soul. This Earth Day I’m at the fabulous Book Festival in Los Angles, which is a great celebration of books, creativity and amazing people. Let’s all celebrate animals, nature and creativity on our beautiful earth.