Boy has Mara’s pain medication made a difference already, today she is walking basically fine rather than gingerly as she had been. This is a new product to me, it’s in pill form rather than a paste, and she simply eats it in a little grain.

Our time together was mellow and relaxing, we used the outdoor arena for our grooming, eating and connecting space. A farrier appointment is now scheduled for her to get shoes. Each improvement is great to see.

Clouds and Tractors

Today Mara and I were seeing some of the big tractors and farm equipment out of storage and being cleaned and inspected, a good sign of Spring we think. Our ride time out back was all about enjoying the beautiful blue sky and big fluffy clouds. The footing is still very mixed between snow and very wet/muddy ground which is contributing to help condition Mara a little bit more each ride.

The Roundup

The most exciting part of today’s Barn time, was when the cows got loose! Mara B and I were having a quiet inside day and were riding in the arena when it was announced that the cows were loose! Well, Mara and I headed out the door to investigate, to observe and to try to join in the roundup. While taking these photos of the cattle dashing past us, Mara knocked me over and then she was loose too, maybe she’s not a true cow pony yet…. As things calmed down I did get back in the saddle and we watched the gate close on all the cows back in their paddock. Where was Pete?

Snow Ride with Bella

Alanna and Bella rode with us this afternoon on a great snow ride! Just sorry it’s April because it felt like a February trail ride. We still had substantial snow on a few stretches of trail. We circled the back corn field on the way home and encountered a pheasant and we think an Indigo Bunting or was it an early Blue Bird, not sure but fun to spot. The horses were both excellent and they got some good conditioning exercise.

Solo Barn Time

Monday was quiet around the Barn, Mara and I had the place to ourselves for our grooming and ride time, which is rather unusual. We had skills and drills, circles and trotting plus plenty of calm walking around the indoor to give Mara needed exercise out of her very muddy, soupy paddock. Some pleasant horse time before the afternoon rain arrived.


Lots of energy around the stable today! The wind was blowing and many horses were very energetic in their paddocks. Mara and I headed up the cow pasture hill and she gave me a big spin around, I decided to get off and to hand walk her past the “issue.” I did remount and rode back with no further problem, but I feel the day, the weather, the energy field simply had the horses “up.” We also had a farrier appointment and then when I was grooming Mara at the end of our time together, a horse got loose and ran out of its paddock gate when another horse was being taken out. I was able to grab the loose gal and quickly returned her to her paddock. Looking for a calmer day tomorrow and returning to our usually peaceful pace.

Geese along the Way

After putting some elbow grease to Mara, I was able to get the mud off and return her to a dusty gray color. We then headed down the road for a very nice walk to Sam’s, I love this stand of White Pines, that you see before the darling farmstead. Geese in the fields on both sides of the road were waddling around, honking and a few flew over head, not a distraction, simply a strong presence for us today. Mara and I dedicated today’s ride to Frankie and in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.