The Tellington TTouch

I’m sharing a resource from “Benjamin’s Books” Little Free Library today. This great book on human animal communication showed up this week. Now Mara B and I plan to learn more about the Tellington TTouch technique. This morning Mara was so wet and muddy that we decided it was a day for rest, reading and reflection.

Down to M

One more lovely day for a ride! Mara B and I headed to Country Road M in order to go the opposite direction of where we have been riding lately. The highlight was shimmering leaves in the sunlight and breeze. We also had a circle tour of the stable grounds, a few laps around the indoor arena, all which provided us some good connection.

Great Fall Day

Today was an awesome day to be out riding horses. Mara and I were able to ride out with Abby and Jack for a great afternoon of trail riding. We enjoyed spectacular weather and spectacular views! We met up with friends also out riding, our horses were happy and the fall day one to savor.

Big Red

Bright blue sky and large red farm equipment were today’s main observations. Mara was just fine about ‘big red’ in the farm driveway. We also saw a large combine working out in a cornfield on our ride and the one pictured had been started up when we returned to the barn. Looks like more great riding weather for the week ahead, a treat for us.

Soggy Supper

Our visit was late in the day and when I arrived at the barn Mara B was soaked. The barn doors had even been closed against the cold and damp. So a soggy supper and a respite from the cold rain was all I could offer Mara B today. We both counted it as a break from our routine.

Equine Experience 

Today it was Eileen’s Equine Experience! Eileen came to visit us and to enjoy her own Mara Moment. She and Mara bonded beautifully. We met barn pals, groomed Ms Mara, enjoyed Socks (aka: JAC) and hiked out for Eileen to see the lay of the land. Eileen was also a photographer for us, which we appreciate. A lovely October afternoon for friends to enjoy horse time together.

Changing Views

Mara and I started our time together today in the arena for some warm up drills. Then we caught a period of very calm winds for our ride time. The changing views we now see, are very dry corn, fewer leaves hanging on the branches and totally cleared fields. We also see into the woods that we walk along, the views are definitely “opening up.”

Mara as Mentor

My buddy Ross, is interested in horses, and today Mara was his guide and mentor. Andri joined us and the two horses offered him an excellent horsemanship session. We interacted with the herd, groomed and grazed the horses and toured the stable grounds. Another very fun horse class. My ride out then, took us past Sams and around Julie’s new spread. Mara also had a mentoring session with the one brave cow who did not dash away as we rode past on our way home.

Quiet with Colors

It was back to our quiet neighborhood lane for Mara and me this afternoon. A pleasant change of pace type ride that we both enjoy. Fun to observe the seasonal changes, we saw a jogger out with her pup and one UPS truck along the way.  Good fall smells, crunching leaves and a peaceful stroll for us today.

Cute Calves and a Chill

Today’s outing with Jennifer and Bella started with brisk temps that turned chilly! We definitely felt fall in the air. We rode past the cute calves at the Meyers Farm, around the loop plus enjoyed a ride down a field service road to the woods and back. I actually appreciated having a headband and my down vest. Our two horses were super and they seemed fine with the temperature.