New Buddy/Corn Field

Winslow has just joined our paddock and it was entertaining to watch Gus welcome him to the herd, there was plenty of horse play going on. Mara B just ignored them and enjoyed the round bale. Our ride this morning took us through the back corn field which was a refreshing outing. Another day of mild temps to enjoy as our January thaw continues. It’s great to be riding “out.”

Fun Inside Time with Friends

Mara B and I enjoyed some ride time in the indoor arena with Barn friends this afternoon, and it’s been a while since we have had riding time. Horses, riders, and having a few jumps set up all contributed to active and fun arena time for us. Mara does love her people interaction time too. However I misplaced her bridle after our ride and will need to find that ASAP.

Snowy Snooze

When I arrived at the barn today, Mara B was warm in the winter sunshine as she snoozed in the snow. The temperature was seven degrees! Mara was very relaxed and really didn’t feel much like getting up. We did however venture into the Barn and indoor arena for our routine of excercising, grooming and Mara having a bite to eat, our time was low key, calm and relaxed. We also checked on the pasture horses to see what they were doing, which was not much.


Mara braced herself against the invigorating brisk wind walking in to the barn this afternoon! Once in the indoor arena however, she was frisky and full of energetic action, Mara wanted to play and move. Her paddock is icy, snowy and rock hard, so the footing in the indoor arena is a welcome change. We’ve been stopping by to visit the pasture horses on the way back to her paddock and she loves to greet Jack.

Warm Encounters 

Mara B and Brutus greeted us warmly this cold morning back at the Barn. Mara seemed to have done very well on her sabbatical last week, she was sweet, calm and relaxed. Jay and I took her into the barn for some good grooming and eating time, and we all enjoyed the warm reunion on a very cold day.


Mara B is home in the snow and we are on our way back to her. Our paths will cross again soon. We will warm each other up tomorrow. Happy Trails.

Southwestern Trail

Finding the Appaloosa library on the trail today was a real treat! We had time with Mara Moments followers Stella and Mary out among the cacti. Jay even had a little horse fix along the way, since we are both missing Ms Mara B. Fun to be out on a new trail with sweet pals.

Healing Encounters & The Heard

Mara is enjoying some warm temps at home. I had a day of pleasant healing encounters and beautiful art. Sharing some art at The Heard Museum showing the horse human connection. Special and lovely experiences.

Desert Trail

Laura, Grace and Lucy joined me on a desert trail! Mara would find the rocky climb to be out of her comfort zone. Good desert terrain and warm temps made for a nice trail adventure day. Mara and the horses at home had warm temps today too.

Hay Belly

Mara has been hanging out at the round bale and not moving much! Thus she has a big belly, or hay belly some say. I don’t worry about it, because when I checked I learned that in fact the horse is not fat, she has gas! In fact, gas production is normal and healthy. It indicates the horse is getting enough hay for gut fermentation. Some horses get a grazing muzzle to keep their hay/grass intake down, for various reasons. One of the pasture horses is wearing his grazing muzzle today.