Winter Riding Boots

Wearing winter riding boots now, but they fit in the stirrups and keep my feet warm. Today Mara was happy to be hanging out at the round bale when I arrived. We spent our ride time in the arena and embraced skills and circles. Pleasant to be in the saddle and not pushing much as far as expectations.

Horse Play

Mara and I started in the sunshine directly in front of the pasture horses and really enjoyed watching the horse play this afternoon. It was very cold but sunny with no wind and I was dressed for the conditions. Mara was relaxed and ate some food while I groomed her. We moved slowly, due to being so bundled up and some ice still around but we had arena play time as well as a walk to the back cornfield together. It was nice companionship with no pressures.

Swedish Mission & More Corn

Mara B was ready and waiting for me this afternoon! We lucked out and ended November with one more great day to ride outside. Due to road construction we had not been able to cross M for months, however now it’s completed and so today we rode to Swedish Mission Road as our destination. Returning to the barn we did make another loop around the cornfield as the sun and golden light were ideal.

Staying Close

We continue to be restricted to riding the roads close to the Barn. However with the pleasant weather Mara and I are still riding out, which we really like.  The only excitement is the neighborhood dog who barks and circles us every time we see it, Mara simply ignores him!

Horns & Hoofs

It was warm for our ride today and Mara and I were able to track Pete’s steer, Stanley which was great fun. Mara also had an appointment with Brian to have her hoofs trimmed and Jay joined us as photographer. Mara was our delightful partner.

Paddock Play and Mailboxes

It was a good horse day this Monday. We have our pal Gus back in our paddock and I’ve been entertained watching Gus and Mara each try to be in charge of the “new mare” in the herd! Very fun to observe the horse behaviors. Mara and I then rode down the quiet neighborhood street and only confronted mailboxes and one dog. It was pleasant to be out with no orange jackets in sight. Wrapping up our ride we stopped to watch Ray and Beau, practice loading and backing out of their trailer. Many morning activities going on at River Brink today.

Stable Grounds

The note on the message board explains why we are now restricted to riding in the indoor arena or only on the stable grounds. Mara and I did ride out, and we did see many orange jackets out in the fields. So staying right around the stable we visited horses in adjoining paddocks and even had a chance to greet Peanut today.

Buck Territory 

Mara B and I rode the Dairy loop with Jennifer and Bella this afternoon. We saw the tell tale signs of deer “rutting” on trees. Google tells me that Bucks rub their antlers on small flexible trees to rub off the velvet that initially covers them. (Clearly damaging the tree). Other barn friends were also out riding the loop and we met up with them on the way back to the barn! The ride was my Halloween treat.

Trail Memories 

Mara and I had a rest day today. Today Benjamin would be 28 years old. Here’s a photo of the two of us at the start of a family trail ride. I’m glad we shared horse times together. Benjamin loved animals and easily connected with them. ✌️💛

Listen to a good horse book!


Trey and Janay listened to a great horse story about Nellie the horse and then they received a Nellie the horse stuffed animal at the National Book Festival today in Washington DC! Both Trey and Janay enjoyed hearing some Mara B stories too! A wonderful day for all of us. So listen up to a great horse story when you get the chance.