Valentine Hello

Sharing a favorite Instagram post and a sweet glance from Ms Mara with you this Valentine’s Day. We love our Mara Moments followers đź’› please be our valentine.

Venturing Out

Not sure if Mara B ventured out to far from the round bale today. However we had great hiking adventures here, seeing fishermen, sun worshipers and rolling waves. We’re enjoying the sea spray and Mara is enjoying her time off.

Warming Room & Stretching

On cold days like today I always head first to the warmest room in the Barn, the bathroom to warm up Mara’s bit. We then had really good arena ride time, trotting circles and doing stretching exercises. Mara and I both admit to needing some improved flexibility, and today Mara had some practice. It just felt good to be back in the saddle, for me.

Rosie + Peanut 

Rosie is the new horse in Mara’s paddock and the two mares have been ignoring each other! Peanut the popular stable pony happened to be in the barn this afternoon and we learned that he is 22 years old! It’s always fun to say hi to Peanut. Mara and I spent our time in the indoor arena stretching and moving and then she had some food and grooming. Special cat JAC (aka Socks) who often keeps us company joined us again today, and we like that. These pals warmed us up on one more very cold day.

Sharing Super Experiences 

Mara stayed in Wisconsin today and we celebrated in St Paul and Minneapolis. Sharing a super long post today to highlight the wonderful people who are in town to celebrate a game. We saw the best of humanity and it was marvelous to ride along. We were all winners in Minnesota today. Photos from the St Paul Ice Palace where we volunteered with Little Free Library this week, Taste of the NFL breakfast this morning and Super Bowl events downtown Minneapolis this afternoon.

Icy Footing 

Mara B and I did ride out this morning, however with very different conditions than yesterday. After the thaw and then today’s drop in temps we had really icy footing to manage. I even hand walked her across the solid ice on the driveway to get into the hayfield. We then circled the hayfield in the opposite direction of yesterday and called it a day. Good exercise for Ms Mara!

Muted Winter Whites

Today Mara and I had a very beautiful afternoon ride, the stillness and muted colors against all the bright new snow were quietly stunning. We headed out into the back corn field and returned along the cow pasture fence. The sky was gray, there was no wind at all and it was absolutely silent. Mara is getting a good workout walking through the eight to ten inches of snow and I was delighted with the ride!

New Buddy/Corn Field

Winslow has just joined our paddock and it was entertaining to watch Gus welcome him to the herd, there was plenty of horse play going on. Mara B just ignored them and enjoyed the round bale. Our ride this morning took us through the back corn field which was a refreshing outing. Another day of mild temps to enjoy as our January thaw continues. It’s great to be riding “out.”


Mara braced herself against the invigorating brisk wind walking in to the barn this afternoon! Once in the indoor arena however, she was frisky and full of energetic action, Mara wanted to play and move. Her paddock is icy, snowy and rock hard, so the footing in the indoor arena is a welcome change. We’ve been stopping by to visit the pasture horses on the way back to her paddock and she loves to greet Jack.

Warm Encounters 

Mara B and Brutus greeted us warmly this cold morning back at the Barn. Mara seemed to have done very well on her sabbatical last week, she was sweet, calm and relaxed. Jay and I took her into the barn for some good grooming and eating time, and we all enjoyed the warm reunion on a very cold day.