Winter Riding Boots

Wearing winter riding boots now, but they fit in the stirrups and keep my feet warm. Today Mara was happy to be hanging out at the round bale when I arrived. We spent our ride time in the arena and embraced skills and circles. Pleasant to be in the saddle and not pushing much as far as expectations.

Flying Corn Husks

Mara and I braved the wind gusts this afternoon, corn husks really were flying everywhere! Many activities at the barn today too, an equine massage therapist was working on a few horses, a farrier was there and the paddocks were being cleaned. Mara and I started in the round pen and then rode to the cow pasture. Always a treat to be outside in spite of the strong winds.

Horns & Hoofs

It was warm for our ride today and Mara and I were able to track Pete’s steer, Stanley which was great fun. Mara also had an appointment with Brian to have her hoofs trimmed and Jay joined us as photographer. Mara was our delightful partner.

Paddock Play and Mailboxes

It was a good horse day this Monday. We have our pal Gus back in our paddock and I’ve been entertained watching Gus and Mara each try to be in charge of the “new mare” in the herd! Very fun to observe the horse behaviors. Mara and I then rode down the quiet neighborhood street and only confronted mailboxes and one dog. It was pleasant to be out with no orange jackets in sight. Wrapping up our ride we stopped to watch Ray and Beau, practice loading and backing out of their trailer. Many morning activities going on at River Brink today.

Equine Experience 

Today it was Eileen’s Equine Experience! Eileen came to visit us and to enjoy her own Mara Moment. She and Mara bonded beautifully. We met barn pals, groomed Ms Mara, enjoyed Socks (aka: JAC) and hiked out for Eileen to see the lay of the land. Eileen was also a photographer for us, which we appreciate. A lovely October afternoon for friends to enjoy horse time together.

Visitors From Honduras

Julissa, Andrew and Rogelio who are from Honduras, stopped by the stable this morning hoping for a little horse time! I arrived, we visited and then all enjoyed some Mara B activities. We brought her in from the paddock, groomed her, saddled her up, and Andrew had some ride time. Fun to share Mara B with delightful folks. We rode off as they drove away and we all waved to each other as new friends. Horses bring us together.