Before and After

Mara had another frozen ice ball in her hoof this morning, and also had her farrier appointment today. The before photo shows the challenge for horses walking on a snow packed hoof. After her trim, her hooves were in much better shape. Mara and I both enjoyed Brian and Dillon, her friendly farriers and we rely on their talents for carrying for her feet.

Ice Balls

Continuing bitter cold has us dealing with ‘ice balls’ or ‘snow balls.’ Chunks of ice and snow accumulate on the bottom of Mara’s hooves and the build up creates the ice ball. So bringing her into the warm(ish) barn and using a hoof pick I carefully try to remove most of the packed snow and ice. Today Mara also met up with Spice in the indoor arena, however they were really mellow and didn’t play much. We’re all just looking for a warm up!

Jump Game

For a little change of pace today Mara and I “played” in the indoor arena with a tiny jump. Mara and I both got our exercise, I was on the chase and Mara B enjoyed the avoidance challenge. However she did successfully go over it a few times and she was able to move fast and free for amusement and sport. It’s refreshing to get off the rock hard icy paddock ground.

Winter Snow Rides

My wonderful photographer Peter joined us this afternoon and hiked along on our ride! We relished the quiet beautiful snow covered trails together. Returning to the Barn, Mara B enjoyed practicing pulling the sled and then gave Larry an adventure! A very fun winter horse day. Thanks Peter.

New Buddy/Corn Field

Winslow has just joined our paddock and it was entertaining to watch Gus welcome him to the herd, there was plenty of horse play going on. Mara B just ignored them and enjoyed the round bale. Our ride this morning took us through the back corn field which was a refreshing outing. Another day of mild temps to enjoy as our January thaw continues. It’s great to be riding “out.”

Healing Encounters & The Heard

Mara is enjoying some warm temps at home. I had a day of pleasant healing encounters and beautiful art. Sharing some art at The Heard Museum showing the horse human connection. Special and lovely experiences.

Holiday Horses

While Mara B continues to heal from her hoof abscess, I enjoyed seeing horses of different colors and cultures today. We send you a little horse love & wish you peace, calm and joy this Christmas.

Good Progress 

Mara is moving well today, she even came out of the paddock. I replaced the poultice pad, she did not need Bute and her next check is Friday with the farrier. Relief for sure, hopefully Friday we move on to the next phase of treatment called sugardine.

Riding the Winter Beach

I believe Mara may be looking for me and probably is missing me. (I do miss her 💛) My day “away” was spent riding the quiet winter beach, which offers so much beauty. We will have many new things to share when we’re back on the trail together.

Winter Riding Boots

Wearing winter riding boots now, but they fit in the stirrups and keep my feet warm. Today Mara was happy to be hanging out at the round bale when I arrived. We spent our ride time in the arena and embraced skills and circles. Pleasant to be in the saddle and not pushing much as far as expectations.