Endurance Ride

Mara is starting to watch for our return while Jay and I are on a long endurance ride back . Looking forward to our sweet reunion!


Maddi tells me that Mara B is really shedding out at home. My day was for reading and relaxing, and I’m sharing my book titles with you.

Ice Balls

Continuing bitter cold has us dealing with ‘ice balls’ or ‘snow balls.’ Chunks of ice and snow accumulate on the bottom of Mara’s hooves and the build up creates the ice ball. So bringing her into the warm(ish) barn and using a hoof pick I carefully try to remove most of the packed snow and ice. Today Mara also met up with Spice in the indoor arena, however they were really mellow and didn’t play much. We’re all just looking for a warm up!

Warm Encounters 

Mara B and Brutus greeted us warmly this cold morning back at the Barn. Mara seemed to have done very well on her sabbatical last week, she was sweet, calm and relaxed. Jay and I took her into the barn for some good grooming and eating time, and we all enjoyed the warm reunion on a very cold day.

Sweet Encounters

Ms Mara and I had such a good afternoon with pals in the indoor arena today. After changing the sugardine hoof wrap (all is healing very well) we headed to the arena to stretch, move and play. Koal and the Icie’s said hello, Maddie and Jug were great pals and Brutus was with us for much of our barn time as well. It’s very cold but we sure warmed up nicely and Mara B had such a good change of pace from her paddock.

Winter Solitude 

Mara B and I wish you Peace and solitude on the Winter Solstice. It was another rest and healing day for Mara. We’re looking forward to more light coming our way each day now.

Warm Spot

Mara B had a warm sunny spot in the shelter this morning! Jay joined Mara in her warm spot and then did grooming and ground work with her today. My warm spot was sitting bareback on Ms Mara, nice insulation. We all walked around and Jay was our photographer again. Time to look for our next warm spot. ☀️

The Second

Two for two for December! Here it is the second and we had another beautiful day to ride. Jay hiked along and was our photographer, which enhances today’s post. We ended our ride time trotting in the outdoor, because Mara has a wonderful jog trot.

Mara the Wrangler

Fun full morning for us today. Starting in the round pen, Mara had real energy to expend. Then Hannah needed an assist with catching a horse and jumped on Mara to work with her as a wrangler. It was fun to watch and Mara was great at the job, however M&H did not prevail (this time). We concluded our morning together with a relaxing ride around some of the dairy loop. A good horse day.