Seventeen Kayaks

Great ride this morning with Tiff and Frank and Kim and Rio. We headed to the river and made it right to the water beautifully with Frank leading the way down.

Frank, Mara and Rio all enjoyed a drink and rest at the water before we crossed to the other side and headed to the Dam.

We were at this point (next photo) on the ride when a steady stream of seventeen kayaks floated our way! I was too focused at the moment to take pictures, this one is from after the fact. Mara was fine for the first ten or so and then she started to question what’s up.

I felt she was “up” and we had some struggles but we completed the ride in good shape and all enjoyed the adventure.

The three horses had a relaxed walk home, while the three horsegals reflected on the ride. Tiff was our super wrangler and Frank our calm steady rock star.


Mara and I saw the transition from deep snow spots, and a few icy patches to mud and melted puddles of water on today’s outing. Mara continues to be ouchy on her right front leg so we took it easy and just walked around the stable and a close neighborhood stretch. I added in Peanut at the water tank today because I always enjoy seeing him when I greet Mara B in her paddock.

Pulling the Sled

For a fun change of pace this afternoon I had Mara pull a sled on our ride out. Mara B is very calm about it, the horses we passed along the way however, were very curious about what was going on! The snow was really deep, the temperatures very mild! But Mara was stiff in her right front leg (at a trot) for the second day in a row, so I’m hoping tomorrow she’s not dealing with that issue again.

Ice Balls

Continuing bitter cold has us dealing with ‘ice balls’ or ‘snow balls.’ Chunks of ice and snow accumulate on the bottom of Mara’s hooves and the build up creates the ice ball. So bringing her into the warm(ish) barn and using a hoof pick I carefully try to remove most of the packed snow and ice. Today Mara also met up with Spice in the indoor arena, however they were really mellow and didn’t play much. We’re all just looking for a warm up!

Sweet Encounters

Ms Mara and I had such a good afternoon with pals in the indoor arena today. After changing the sugardine hoof wrap (all is healing very well) we headed to the arena to stretch, move and play. Koal and the Icie’s said hello, Maddie and Jug were great pals and Brutus was with us for much of our barn time as well. It’s very cold but we sure warmed up nicely and Mara B had such a good change of pace from her paddock.