Healing with Horse Time



Feeling down? Saddle up and please ride along with us for a healing Mara Moment.

Spending time with my horse, Mara B, has helped me heal after the tragic death of our youngest son, Benjamin. The time, hours of work and activities with Mara B is my own form of equine therapy which provides me with emotional and spiritual comfort and growth. After leasing horses for many years, I decided to buy a horse to advance my healing journey. I bought Mara four years after Benjamin’s death and many hours of talk therapy, other holistic treatments and a major retreat from life.  Mara has pulled me forward on my healing path.

“How we respond to what happens to us – especially the painful, excruciating things that we never wanted and we have no control over – is a creative act.”  Rob Bell

Through Mara Moments I want to share some of the healing pleasure and joy of horses, animals and nature.  As an individual member of PATH (Professional Association Therapeutic Horsemanship International), I continue learning more through their quarterly publication STRIDES.

I hope you will become a follower and ride along. Happy Trails.

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