Bo and a Killdeer

Mara B and I met up with Bo on our ride this afternoon, he was already ‘out’ exploring so when we rode into his territory he simply joined up with us! I really like having Bo along on our trail rides, he’s in and out of the woods, today he chased a deer then came running back to us adding exciting action to our ride.

We used this unplowed field as our huge outdoor arena space and did serpentines, big circles and figure eights plus rode the perimeter both directions. We could hear a Killdeer, and it even tried to distract us away from its nest but we had to search and search to locate the nest, and then we found it! Having mama bird stay on the nest for me to take these photos made my day. Mara didn’t intimidate her, and Mara didn’t mind the noisy bird flapping her wings at us I guess.

What a special treat, I was thrilled to get this close and hope all is well for them in the days ahead.

Returning to the barn, Bo went right to a puddle. Horse, dog and bird made for pleasant companionship, and I enjoyed them all this afternoon.

1/2 In 1/2 Out

Mara B was waiting for me today! Half of our afternoon ride time was in the indoor arena due to very gusty winds. I enjoyed our warmup trotting circles and Mara seemed to as well.

However I’m drawn to ride outside so we also took a swing around the stable grounds and up, down & around a back field. Mara gets to extend her legs and climbing the slight incline of the hill is good conditioning for her. It feels satisfying to me to ride outside but I will admit the wind got the best of me on the way home this time.

Mara B was a good horse and a real trooper! We all know weather plays a big factor in trail riding.

Please Ride Along

Here’s an extra long post filled with Peter’s pictures of our lovely ride today! Haley and Noel joined us. Peter was the fabulous photographer who among other things ran ahead, stayed behind, climbed the deer stand, and squatted on the ground to beautifully capture this ride and preserve the memories for me in these pictures. Enjoy!

A super special Mother’s Day gift for me, as well as delightful to share with our marvelous Mara Moments followers. Thank you Peter and Happy Trails to all who read and enjoy this post.

Winking & Waiting

Today we had an interesting afternoon ride with Tera and Rosie and two college gals, Haley and Kat. Mara who, loves Rosie her former paddock pal, kept ‘winking’ at Rosie for most of the ride. Below is an overview of mares in heat to describe the situation.

Mara B was definitely distracted and more with Rosie than with me on this ride! She was good, simply lacking any real focus. Riding alone I really have not experienced this so dramatically before. Then the waiting began after Kat dropped her phone. Haley retrieved it, and the horses waited patiently while Haley searched for a good spot to remount. Another out of the ordinary event, not typical on most trail rides.

Mara B tried hard to stay close to Rosie for much of the ride and the college gals pulled out ahead.

Mara B was eventually content to just hang back for the return trip to the barn, and took it slow and easy in her typical going home fashion.

It was an interesting display of nature that powerfully demonstrated a natural horse behavior.


Mara B was a mother twice, and she was living with her daughter Kona when we bought her. The following three pictures are from the first day Jay and I met Mara B and Kona. Kona was six when we purchased Mara and moved her away to join our family. That had to be a tough transition for both Kona and Mara.

Kona came to mind today because I’m thinking of mother’s and mothering this Mother’s Day.

Our family spent time together at Benjamin’s bench and sent him our love, peace and good vibes. We miss him today as every day.

Late afternoon this Mother’s Day I was able to go out on a very quiet peaceful ride with Mara B and thank her for our loving bond. I value that I have her in my life to care for and to care about.

Today we send our hearts out to all who mother and care for others, it’s your special day. Blessings to you and yours.

New & Changing

A darling new cat calls the barn home now, he joins the three cats already there. Not certain of his name, but he’s very sweet and friendly and Mara and I are enjoying getting to know him.

The landscape on the Meyer loop has changes on the horizon. Signs of those changes are already evident. An old farmstead has had a few buildings torn down and adjacent farm land is being surveyed to sell off as 3 to 5 acre parcels. 

Mara B and I will watch the future changes and share updates along the way. However today we completed the old familiar loop and appreciated the quiet, stillness and wide open space we get to ride through.

As the new changes start to appear we’ll continue to appreciate both the empty fields and the friendly barn cats. Happy Friday and happy trails to you.


Mara B and I share many predictable daily patterns and rhythms. We find comfort in our companionship practices and patterns. Plus we embrace the joy of observing patterns in nature. So today we trotted patterns in the indoor arena for practice and enjoyment, and found it comforting and peaceful.

Mara B is seventeen now. I remember when all I wanted was to be 17, thinking it had to be fabulous to be so old and thus able to do whatever you wanted! Following is a chart explaining how old seventeen horse years is in human age equivalency.

And of course Jay contributed a birthday gift to/for our sweet horse turning “53.”

Jay repaired the strap on my purse/phone/camera case that Ms Mara had broken (with her teeth.) Thank you Jay!

Birthday Delay

Mare B is seventeen today and I wanted to acknowledge her birthday. However, pouring rain plus my own off the rails emotions today are delaying her birthday celebrating until tomorrow.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. I hope to promote not only suicide awareness but emotional wellness/mental health issues as well when appropriate through Mara Moments/equine therapy.

So, I’m going to share an abbreviated version of my own emotional distress which led to my own panic attack this morning. I was in a meeting with ten people at my Little Free Library volunteer job and I experienced intense emotional pressure when a woman was sharing an extremely powerful story about her advocacy for an individual who was experiencing deep/dangerous emotional distress. Her power with words and excellent storytelling pushed me way beyond my comfort zone until I emotionally moved into panic. I was experiencing my own ptsd, and emotional pain around Benjamin’s death. I simply did not want to hear more of the story and definitely did not want to hear the conclusion of the story. When something like this happens to me, I must get out or get away from the source of pressure, so I abruptly had to exit the meeting, in tears and visibly shaken. Bottom line, emotions can overtake us by surprise, bring on anxiety and emotional panic anytime anyplace.

So let’s talk about these realities, share our truth and offer those in our inner circle assistance, hope, support and guidance when or if necessary.

Storytelling, the power of shared stories, can be a way of lending emotional truths and caring support to others. I’m sharing this personal story of my own panic attack today to remind you lovely Mara Moments Friends that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Please nurture your own mental health and wellness.

Rest can be healing and helpful too.

Gardeners Gardening

Before we get to today’s gardening story, I have to explain that Mara B tried to bite me. As I was mounting, Mara swung her head around to bite me, however her teeth caught the strap of my over the shoulder purse/camera/phone case I wear and broke the strap. This negative behavior from Mara is very rare but not unprecedented. I was annoyed, and Mara and I headed directly to the round pen where she had extra exercise time so she “understood” her error.

No issues what so ever after we left the round pen. Off we went and enjoyed a lovely ride together. We observed gardeners working in their gardens, daffodils and rhubarb today.

Now I need to find a replacement carrier for my phone and camera.

Helen & Helen

This morning I visited Mara B to give her exercise time and to have my ride time. Mara B thundered around the outdoor arena, she was wild! Our ride was good after she successfully expended her energy.

I said good bye and retuned Mara to her paddock. Knowing I was returning later in the day for our special visit with Helen, Ken and Gabe!

Well I must admit Mara B was not completely hospitable on our second visit today! She seemed to be saying, “I did my stuff once already and I’m not doing any more today!” Oh my, not pleasant for my sweet niece, Helen.

Horses….they have a mind of their own! Gabe was delighted to wrap up our barn visit with petting Socks (aka: JAC.)

Mara B and I will start over again tomorrow. We can always start over.