Spring Vet Visit

Mara B recognized Dr Toby this afternoon! She knows the drill and today it was spring shots for Mara B. Plus Dr Toby checked her teeth to determine if they need to be floated, however we will wait until fall on her teeth. So we had lots of grooming and chatting with Barn pals, and the Vet check as our main activities today. Then we did ride around close to the stable but had quite a brisk and cool breeze so kept it rather short.

Fall Vet Visit 

We had the first snow and Dr Toby’s fall visit this morning. Mara B was staying as dry as possible in the shelter when I arrived. I sat on the bench, let Mara eat, she had her fall shots and headed back to her paddock. Weather does play into our horse time, and today’s weather was simply not conducive to great horse time.

Special Treat & Special Task 

Today at the barn was about the special things that happen that do not involve riding. Melodee gave me this special gift and Mara had a special task!  We loaded Mara B into the trailer, to help load a horse that needed a ride to the Vet clinic but did not feel like loading. (It worked!) Special friends make our day special like the special horses we love, and I’m grateful.

Fast ride and a visit with the Vet

Today Mara and I enjoyed our fastest ride to date going out with Cindy and Jackie who ride Icelandic horses. They tolted and I cantered a fast loop around the Meyer’s farm, a fun outing! Then Dr Toby saw Mara B for her fall shots and checkup.