Back View

Mara B and I had a solo ride around the two back fields that have not yet been planted. Observing a burst of spring growth this first really warm day of May. Our rest in the shade was actually welcome and refreshing.

Rarely is the back pasture gate open, however today it was, so we rode through those gates for a little exploring. Thus today’s photos show the back view of the stables indoor arena and back paddocks where Mara B lives.

We stopped and took in the back view for a few minutes, then spotted these darling purple flowers on the way back the the barn.

I delight in spotting the small, simple treats of nature, then sharing them with you.


Mara B was a mother twice, and she was living with her daughter Kona when we bought her. The following three pictures are from the first day Jay and I met Mara B and Kona. Kona was six when we purchased Mara and moved her away to join our family. That had to be a tough transition for both Kona and Mara.

Kona came to mind today because I’m thinking of mother’s and mothering this Mother’s Day.

Our family spent time together at Benjamin’s bench and sent him our love, peace and good vibes. We miss him today as every day.

Late afternoon this Mother’s Day I was able to go out on a very quiet peaceful ride with Mara B and thank her for our loving bond. I value that I have her in my life to care for and to care about.

Today we send our hearts out to all who mother and care for others, it’s your special day. Blessings to you and yours.

New & Changing

A darling new cat calls the barn home now, he joins the three cats already there. Not certain of his name, but he’s very sweet and friendly and Mara and I are enjoying getting to know him.

The landscape on the Meyer loop has changes on the horizon. Signs of those changes are already evident. An old farmstead has had a few buildings torn down and adjacent farm land is being surveyed to sell off as 3 to 5 acre parcels. 

Mara B and I will watch the future changes and share updates along the way. However today we completed the old familiar loop and appreciated the quiet, stillness and wide open space we get to ride through.

As the new changes start to appear we’ll continue to appreciate both the empty fields and the friendly barn cats. Happy Friday and happy trails to you.

Screen-free week

Hi wonderful Mara Moments followers! Hope you’ve had a relaxing Sunday. Just letting you know that Mara B and I will be posting again in one week. We hope everyone enjoys a little time away from screens as we intend to do.

We will be together and outside as much as possible.

Hope you get to be creative, outside with animals, enjoying nature and the spring weather too.

Icelandic Horse Clinic

Our stable has a strong contingency of Icelandic Horse owners and today they hosted an instructional clinic for these special horses and their riders. Carrie Lyons Brandt from Kentucky was the instructor. Carrie is in our area to also speak/instruct at the Minnesota Horse Expo this coming weekend. (following is Carrie’s bio from the MN Horse Expo program). It was a lively and fun atmosphere that Mara B and I enjoyed.

Mara let a visiting “Icy” use her stall while they’re here for the two day clinic. Mara stays out 24/7 now and was happy to share her empty stall.

Ms Mara and I also had a great outing!

Delightful spring views and horse activities to share with you today.

Trail Terrain Today

Jay, Mara and I had a wonderful walk, ride, hike around together this afternoon. We saw that the trails have really been washed out from the recent heavy rains. Enjoy Jay’s photos of today’s spring hike.

Plenty of washed out and carved gullies on the trail that pushed us into the field where we should not be riding.

We returned by way of the soybean fields.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a ride. Sharing these views of spring renewal and sending springtime blessings to all.

Semicolon Day

Mara B and I rode in support of World Semicolon Day 2019 this afternoon. If you’re not familiar with Project Semicolon it is an international movement to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. We hope you will learn more and share what you learn about Project Semicolon with those you are close to. It’s about no more self harm….

Our ride was the peaceful quiet lane we love. Today we spotted the return of the neighborhood goats we enjoy saying hello to.

Mara B and I reflected on Benjamin and the healing comfort offered us through the beauty of animals and nature.

Nurturing our mental and emotional health is critical for us all.

Off the Ground

Watch Mara B get up off the ground, I found her resting when I arrived today, and was able to photograph her getting back up.

Yes, there are a few phases missing, but you get the gist!

Our ride time was circling the fields and doing lots of big serpentines crisscrossing back and forth. It felt like doing “drills” and was a good challenge and change up to our routine.

Still some real soupy wet spots out there (in the far corner ahead) Mara B doesn’t like that type of footing and she gave me a bit of a dance when we hit a super soaked wet area. I know her preferences, so we then changed direction, since I’m not a fighter. Our ride time and exercise drills felt like a refreshing start to the week.


Mara B and I thought of today’s ride as a conditioning workout. We love being on the soft ground in the back fields and know that in no time Spring planting will be happening there. Seeing this equipment as we rode out reminds us our days in the fields are limited.

We circled the back field twice in opposite directions, added in some trotting plus went up and down gradual inclines for Mara’s “conditioning” session.

All while appreciating the gorgeous sky above us.