Meds & a Ride

Mara B is doing well, she is close to finishing her antibiotics, she is eating the ‘Bute’ tablet nicely, however she is done with the aerosol bandage being applied. We did ride today and had no issues at all, which is wonderful.

After some ride time this morning with Kim and Rio we also had a relaxed solo ride together just taking it easy.

Plus we shared a later afternoon second medication visit and Mara is being a good sport about all the fuss.

Big Fat Lip & Stitches

The stable alerted me last night that Mara B had a cut lip, today we took care of her injury. Not sure what actually happened, however the wound needed to be cleaned and stitched up.

Dr. Anne arrived and sedated Mara plus gave her a local block on her nose, cleaned the wound out and then sewed it up with both internal and external sutures.

The final results looked great! The wound was sprayed with an aerosol bandage. Mara had a shot of Bute and is on antibiotics for the next five days. Thankfully there was no gum or tooth issue so all should be fine. Even riding we hope will be okay in a few days. Of course the stitches need to hold! Dr Anne and I know they may not last the entire two weeks we’re hoping for.

Jay & a Comfy Cinch

Mara B enjoyed Jay’s sweet greeting this afternoon plus his grooming and special attention!

Mara has also had an equipment upgrade (thanks to Maura Gs suggestion) to a sheepskin cinch! Simply wanting her to have the comfortable saddle feel, and I believe it’s going to be great.

Always a treat to have Jay as our photographer too!

We all enjoyed spending the warm summer afternoon together.

Rain brings Cornflowers

We ended the week with a wash out, however Mara B and I had a nice indoor day together.

Mara B was great on the lunge line after her clean up and snack time.

The rain does bring the darling Cornflowers that are by Mara’s paddock to life for us to delight in!

Compost & Color Change

Today’s ride with Kim and Rio took us on a zig zag route around the dairy loop. First stop was seeing all the round bales that had been rained on so they had to go to the compost pile, darn.

We also saw the first field turning from green to golden already.

The trail had been mowed in a few sections which we did appreciate. We continued along the edge of a mowed hay field, Rio and Kim enjoyed some shade when we stopped to rest, and Mara B and Rio were two great trail ponies!

A peaceful ride with some good views.

Badger Holes & Power Lines

On today’s morning ride with Jennifer and Bella we came upon badger holes when we walked the fence line of the neighboring stable. These holes are certainly a hazard to horseback riders.

We carefully watched and avoided holes and continued the ride around the loop to an upper field with power lines and great views. Mara B and I like riding this road up and down to enjoy this spot.

Good exercise for our mares.

Charms of Summer

Mara B and I enjoy young people around the Barn, green green fields and watching Barbie’s foal grow. These were a few of today’s ‘charming’ stable experiences.

Of course being outdoors on trails with Jennifer and Bella added to the charm of the summer day!

The horse’s too were as charming as ever!

A Few New Views

Kim and Rio joined Mara B and me this morning for our ride. We rode a different section of road than where we usually go, which was a fun change of pace.

Always refreshing to see some new sites! Mara and Rio seemed to like it too, it was a fun outing.

Hot & Bothered

I met up with Mara B later afternoon and found her relaxing with her pals and enjoying a bit of shade.

Our ride time was going down the quiet neighborhood street. Mara seemed hot and bothered by the time we were half way down the lane. I was simply planning to take in the peaceful shaded spots along the way. Not sure what her ‘deal’ was exactly.

So the ride turned in to mild struggles, corrections and do overs! When we got back to the stable grounds I returned her to the round pen for more ‘work time’ and then remounted and rode another twenty minutes until we were back on the same page. No photos though because I was in concentration mode. First ride of July turned out to be a training ride!

Heat & H2O

It’s a hot one here today! So to beat the heat I met up with Mara B early this morning and found her just finishing breakfast.

Today I had a mission to accomplish, which was to ride down to the river. Mara has shown resistance to “go down” the trail to the water on two past visits to the entrance. So today we teamed up with Alanna and Allegro for their support and made it to the water.

Mara was nervous and up (I’m thinking due to the bad experience with her allergic reaction to the weeds we encountered on her last ride here) heading down so I dismounted and calmly hand walked her to the river. We just let her drink and splash and play in the water and she completely relaxed. I rode her back up the wooded trail and we were both delighted with the whole adventure. Thanks Alanna!

I was also glad to have my water bottle along!

Mara B savored a long drink of water when I returned her to her paddock, we love our H2O.