Hello Athena

Pam trailered Athena to River Brink to ride a loop with us this morning. It was an ideal relaxed summer trail ride.

We rode past Daisies and Baby on the way home. ( Baby would not come out of the shelter however.)

Then it was loading into the trailer practice for Bella, Kol and Mara B. (thanks Pam.) Mara loaded in and out twice, just beautifully and it was fun to see her do something a little out of our ordinary routine. Mara was calm and quiet about it all.

photos were too tough to take during the actual “practice” as I can only do one thing at a time, and I was focused on the loading process and having a calm horse back out of the trailer.

Gate Practice

Mara and I had a little change up in routine today. First she practiced being tied in the indoor and waiting patiently for me, which she did very well. Then she had free running around time in the outdoor arena and enjoyed kicking up her heels.

Our ride kept us close to home, but it was pleasant to see the fields waving in the breeze as we walked past. Next we had outdoor arena riding, with lots of trotting and practice with opening and closing the gate. I wanted her to side pass next to the gate so I could move it, but Mara B wanted to do it herself her way! And she was great at opening the gate in both directions.

I guess we get to do things our own way, when it works just fine either way!