Meds & a Ride

Mara B is doing well, she is close to finishing her antibiotics, she is eating the ‘Bute’ tablet nicely, however she is done with the aerosol bandage being applied. We did ride today and had no issues at all, which is wonderful.

After some ride time this morning with Kim and Rio we also had a relaxed solo ride together just taking it easy.

Plus we shared a later afternoon second medication visit and Mara is being a good sport about all the fuss.

Jay & a Comfy Cinch

Mara B enjoyed Jay’s sweet greeting this afternoon plus his grooming and special attention!

Mara has also had an equipment upgrade (thanks to Maura Gs suggestion) to a sheepskin cinch! Simply wanting her to have the comfortable saddle feel, and I believe it’s going to be great.

Always a treat to have Jay as our photographer too!

We all enjoyed spending the warm summer afternoon together.

Rain brings Cornflowers

We ended the week with a wash out, however Mara B and I had a nice indoor day together.

Mara B was great on the lunge line after her clean up and snack time.

The rain does bring the darling Cornflowers that are by Mara’s paddock to life for us to delight in!

Charms of Summer

Mara B and I enjoy young people around the Barn, green green fields and watching Barbie’s foal grow. These were a few of today’s ‘charming’ stable experiences.

Of course being outdoors on trails with Jennifer and Bella added to the charm of the summer day!

The horse’s too were as charming as ever!

Sweetest Treats & Quiet Ride Mask

Anika who enjoys riding lessons on Mondays at River Brink brought horse treats for her pals today! It was super sweet and made my day.

What a stash for the horses! Plus Mara B has a new ‘Quiet Ride Fly Mask’ that we tried out today and I’m glad we did, the gnats were certainly around.

Kim and Rio rode with us and we dedicated our ride to Matthew and Joseph today.

The peace of nature was soothing.

Fun Fourth

Maura is back and we met up with Mara B this morning and spent our time indoors during a very heavy rain storm. Maura put Ms Mara through some ground work drills, which I enjoyed watching.

Maura G and I then attended a very fun open horse show for a really great Fourth of July event. We enjoyed it all!

Special Fourth of July greetings to our special Mara Moments followers today. Thank you for riding along.

Luna & the Clouds

Lovely Luna trailered over (with Pam) to join us on today’s trail ride.

Four of us rode around the dairy loop, first stopping to see Barbie and her Babe.

And continued along in true trail riding formation! Kim, thanks for the great photo today.

I loved seeing the perfect white clouds against the blue sky and green fields.

Pat and Sam were also delivering and stacking hay bales to Sam’s barn for storage.

Horses and ladies were all quite warm after our fun outing together because the summer heat has arrived!

Tree on the Trail

Mara and I had a late afternoon ride out with Kim and Rio and our discovery was this tree down across the trail. No big deal for our mounts and on we continued to the entrance of the neighboring stable.

We all enjoyed these fresh juniper bushes that we passed, they smelled and looked so lovely.

A good first day of summer ride, and thank you for riding along with us!

Rode (the road) with Rio

Kim and Rio rode with us this afternoon on the Meyer loop road, and Kim is the photographer for a few of today’s photos, thanks Kim. we had an ideal day to enjoy the sun the breeze and the fields riding this perfect peaceful sandy field road.

We saw turkeys today and were amazed at the height of the corn already.

We extended the outing off on to a side road and then returned home through the Meyer Farm again. The cows were being fed and we noticed the thistle is flowering, which looked lovely from afar.

This last day of “Spring” gave us a wonderful ride.

Lost & Found

Mara and her pals where staying dry in their shelter when I arrived today, and Mara wasn’t even wet after a night of very heavy rain.

Mara and I then had perfect timing to ride out with Kim/Rio and Anne/Kol this morning between rain, mist and drizzle. However Kim lost both her phone case and her car key on the way to Sam’s.

Searching along the side of the road on our return to the Barn, we had no luck spotting the lost phone case. I even called it but we never heard the ringing. So we retraced our steps and headed back towards Sam’s for a second time.

Kim spotted it! I retrieved it, however there was no car key in the bag.

Low and behold I saw the key on the opposite side of the road quite a distance from the found phone case! I dismounted and picked it up! Yeah.

Three women out with their horses and a surprise twist that made for an ‘out of the ordinary’ ride this Monday morning. We were all delighted with the conclusion.