This afternoon Mara B and I explored some territory we rarely have access to. With some gates closed and some gates open, we did some exploring for a little change of pace. We both throughly enjoyed it!

Some beautiful spots and lovely springtime aromatherapy for us to savor.

A lovely ride with Mara B before a weekend of expected rain. Happy weekend friends.

Back View

Mara B and I had a solo ride around the two back fields that have not yet been planted. Observing a burst of spring growth this first really warm day of May. Our rest in the shade was actually welcome and refreshing.

Rarely is the back pasture gate open, however today it was, so we rode through those gates for a little exploring. Thus today’s photos show the back view of the stables indoor arena and back paddocks where Mara B lives.

We stopped and took in the back view for a few minutes, then spotted these darling purple flowers on the way back the the barn.

I delight in spotting the small, simple treats of nature, then sharing them with you.

Circular Route

Mara B and I had a very pleasant ride today, walking a circular route past Julie’s, (where we did get to chat with her too.) We continued along past her horses and along the woods on the edge of the hay field. Covering ground we had not ridden since last fall which felt good.

The sky was gorgeous, the fields so peaceful and Mara B was focused on her riding partner rather than Rosie! Which all made for a fun ride.

Winking & Waiting

Today we had an interesting afternoon ride with Tera and Rosie and two college gals, Haley and Kat. Mara who, loves Rosie her former paddock pal, kept ‘winking’ at Rosie for most of the ride. Below is an overview of mares in heat to describe the situation.

Mara B was definitely distracted and more with Rosie than with me on this ride! She was good, simply lacking any real focus. Riding alone I really have not experienced this so dramatically before. Then the waiting began after Kat dropped her phone. Haley retrieved it, and the horses waited patiently while Haley searched for a good spot to remount. Another out of the ordinary event, not typical on most trail rides.

Mara B tried hard to stay close to Rosie for much of the ride and the college gals pulled out ahead.

Mara B was eventually content to just hang back for the return trip to the barn, and took it slow and easy in her typical going home fashion.

It was an interesting display of nature that powerfully demonstrated a natural horse behavior.


Mara B and I share many predictable daily patterns and rhythms. We find comfort in our companionship practices and patterns. Plus we embrace the joy of observing patterns in nature. So today we trotted patterns in the indoor arena for practice and enjoyment, and found it comforting and peaceful.

Mara B is seventeen now. I remember when all I wanted was to be 17, thinking it had to be fabulous to be so old and thus able to do whatever you wanted! Following is a chart explaining how old seventeen horse years is in human age equivalency.

And of course Jay contributed a birthday gift to/for our sweet horse turning “53.”

Jay repaired the strap on my purse/phone/camera case that Ms Mara had broken (with her teeth.) Thank you Jay!

Screen-free week

Hi wonderful Mara Moments followers! Hope you’ve had a relaxing Sunday. Just letting you know that Mara B and I will be posting again in one week. We hope everyone enjoys a little time away from screens as we intend to do.

We will be together and outside as much as possible.

Hope you get to be creative, outside with animals, enjoying nature and the spring weather too.


Mara and I were in the outdoor arena for her warmup time this afternoon. I like to let her have free run around time before our ride and it’s great to be back in the outdoor arena.

Then we paired up with Deb and Holly for a very nice jaunt together.

Holly and Mara B are paddock pals so it was fun to have them out riding together. A perfect weather day for us too.

Off the Ground

Watch Mara B get up off the ground, I found her resting when I arrived today, and was able to photograph her getting back up.

Yes, there are a few phases missing, but you get the gist!

Our ride time was circling the fields and doing lots of big serpentines crisscrossing back and forth. It felt like doing “drills” and was a good challenge and change up to our routine.

Still some real soupy wet spots out there (in the far corner ahead) Mara B doesn’t like that type of footing and she gave me a bit of a dance when we hit a super soaked wet area. I know her preferences, so we then changed direction, since I’m not a fighter. Our ride time and exercise drills felt like a refreshing start to the week.

Special Pairs

Jay and Mara B are a special pair and they enjoyed their Saturday afternoon time together.

Jay hiked along with us plus took today’s photos to share. While we remembered special barn dogs I’ve enjoyed over my horse years, including Jumbo, Vegas and Brutus. I have been lucky to have these special dogs pair up with me on many wonderful rides.

Jay and Mara B are well connected on our outings together!

We are looking for a real return to spring.

Practice Loop

Mara B and I left Bo in a stall and headed off this afternoon in another new direction for a spring ride.

The footing was quite squishy but the path is one of our favorites. Our first new observation was that the old barn had been knocked down since we last rode past.

We were guessing maybe this bulldozer was used to demolish that barn.

Our practice session then started when Mara B spotted these two guys ahead on the road. Plus two piles of covered wood. Both were “new” landmarks for us and Mara B did not like them and I didn’t like her ‘up’ reaction so I simply dismounted.

We walked up to those two men who told us they were there putting up a turkey blind. One guy said to me “thought you were supposed to ride the horse” yes I explained “I prefer to ride too but she found you scary!” Then I remounted and we rode the rest of the way home.

Every ride is a training/practice ride of sorts and today’s ride reminded me of that fact.