Meds & a Ride

Mara B is doing well, she is close to finishing her antibiotics, she is eating the ‘Bute’ tablet nicely, however she is done with the aerosol bandage being applied. We did ride today and had no issues at all, which is wonderful.

After some ride time this morning with Kim and Rio we also had a relaxed solo ride together just taking it easy.

Plus we shared a later afternoon second medication visit and Mara is being a good sport about all the fuss.

Multiple Visits

We have been checking on Mara B and giving her meds and comfort.

All is going well, she has caught on to a few things that she’s not enjoying such as the antibiotics being given and the aerosol bandage being sprayed on…..but friends are assisting and we are getting it all done. Today was a rest and recuperation day for Mara B.

Rain brings Cornflowers

We ended the week with a wash out, however Mara B and I had a nice indoor day together.

Mara B was great on the lunge line after her clean up and snack time.

The rain does bring the darling Cornflowers that are by Mara’s paddock to life for us to delight in!

Badger Holes & Power Lines

On today’s morning ride with Jennifer and Bella we came upon badger holes when we walked the fence line of the neighboring stable. These holes are certainly a hazard to horseback riders.

We carefully watched and avoided holes and continued the ride around the loop to an upper field with power lines and great views. Mara B and I like riding this road up and down to enjoy this spot.

Good exercise for our mares.

Charms of Summer

Mara B and I enjoy young people around the Barn, green green fields and watching Barbie’s foal grow. These were a few of today’s ‘charming’ stable experiences.

Of course being outdoors on trails with Jennifer and Bella added to the charm of the summer day!

The horse’s too were as charming as ever!

Sweetest Treats & Quiet Ride Mask

Anika who enjoys riding lessons on Mondays at River Brink brought horse treats for her pals today! It was super sweet and made my day.

What a stash for the horses! Plus Mara B has a new ‘Quiet Ride Fly Mask’ that we tried out today and I’m glad we did, the gnats were certainly around.

Kim and Rio rode with us and we dedicated our ride to Matthew and Joseph today.

The peace of nature was soothing.

Triple Action

Mara B had some great lesson time with Maura again today. So I get to learn from the sidelines and I like observing Mara from the ground.

I also had some solo ride time out on Mara B and saw triplet fawns run across the road following their mom. Pretty cool to get the photo I thought.

The third ‘action’ was engaging with other borders out riding on this glorious summer day.

Peanut never fails to make us smile! Some summer stable action that sort of made me remember horseback riding at summer camp.

Fun Fourth

Maura is back and we met up with Mara B this morning and spent our time indoors during a very heavy rain storm. Maura put Ms Mara through some ground work drills, which I enjoyed watching.

Maura G and I then attended a very fun open horse show for a really great Fourth of July event. We enjoyed it all!

Special Fourth of July greetings to our special Mara Moments followers today. Thank you for riding along.

A Few New Views

Kim and Rio joined Mara B and me this morning for our ride. We rode a different section of road than where we usually go, which was a fun change of pace.

Always refreshing to see some new sites! Mara and Rio seemed to like it too, it was a fun outing.

Hot & Bothered

I met up with Mara B later afternoon and found her relaxing with her pals and enjoying a bit of shade.

Our ride time was going down the quiet neighborhood street. Mara seemed hot and bothered by the time we were half way down the lane. I was simply planning to take in the peaceful shaded spots along the way. Not sure what her ‘deal’ was exactly.

So the ride turned in to mild struggles, corrections and do overs! When we got back to the stable grounds I returned her to the round pen for more ‘work time’ and then remounted and rode another twenty minutes until we were back on the same page. No photos though because I was in concentration mode. First ride of July turned out to be a training ride!