Mara gets the snow and I get sand this week. Since we can all have a change of pace once in a while, I’m riding with Joe this week. Mara B has wonderful Barn pals keeping a special eye on her. Please ride along with us for a few days of beach, sand and sun.

Warm Spot

Mara B had a warm sunny spot in the shelter this morning! Jay joined Mara in her warm spot and then did grooming and ground work with her today. My warm spot was sitting bareback on Ms Mara, nice insulation. We all walked around and Jay was our photographer again. Time to look for our next warm spot. ☀️

Winter Riding Boots

Wearing winter riding boots now, but they fit in the stirrups and keep my feet warm. Today Mara was happy to be hanging out at the round bale when I arrived. We spent our ride time in the arena and embraced skills and circles. Pleasant to be in the saddle and not pushing much as far as expectations.

Horse Play

Mara and I started in the sunshine directly in front of the pasture horses and really enjoyed watching the horse play this afternoon. It was very cold but sunny with no wind and I was dressed for the conditions. Mara was relaxed and ate some food while I groomed her. We moved slowly, due to being so bundled up and some ice still around but we had arena play time as well as a walk to the back cornfield together. It was nice companionship with no pressures.

Winter Wear

Brutus is modeling winter wear! When I visited Mara today my outerwear included snow pants plus a face mask to wear under my wool hat. Mara goes without a blanket as she has always been an outside horse and her warm furry coat keeps her toasty. Mara had free excerise time in the indoor arena this afternoon as our main activity and she had plenty of energy.  The paddocks are icy so I like to let her move freely in the arena on days like this.

Shelter Visit 

My visit with Mara today was all in the shelter. Cold and ice made for tough conditions for enjoying horse time, I just fed and lightly groomed her. That reminder that owning and caring for a horse is often weather dependent.

Quiet & Bare

Mara and I had a nice Monday morning ride today. It was peaceful, still and mild, we heard and saw geese in the distance. The earth and trees are bare and now ready for winter rest. And winter arrives here tonight the weather gal tells us, so it was a treat to savor today’s outing!

The Second

Two for two for December! Here it is the second and we had another beautiful day to ride. Jay hiked along and was our photographer, which enhances today’s post. We ended our ride time trotting in the outdoor, because Mara has a wonderful jog trot.

Mild & Milkweed 

The mild start to December allowed us to start the month “out.” Mara and I rode up to the cow pasture that is now looking very bare, however we saw this Milkweed still holding on to seeds. Coming down we had a good view of the back side of the stable. We also rode over to the backside of the neighboring stable. Today’s ride was dedicated to an extraordinary horse who left earth today but who remains in the hearts of so many.

Swedish Mission & More Corn

Mara B was ready and waiting for me this afternoon! We lucked out and ended November with one more great day to ride outside. Due to road construction we had not been able to cross M for months, however now it’s completed and so today we rode to Swedish Mission Road as our destination. Returning to the barn we did make another loop around the cornfield as the sun and golden light were ideal.