Handling Hay in the Heat

Ninety plus degrees this afternoon when Jay and I had our Mara B time! Every one was moving slowly. Mara enjoyed the cool of the Barn, a snack of hay and grooming.

Pat and Sam were delivering and stacking hay in the barn. We had a good chat with them.

Jay worked on installing a hay net in Mara’s stall. But he said it wasn’t hot enough to be working in a small dark enclosed space with no air moving.

I guess we’ll finish this project on a cooler day!

Lesson Fun & Horsey Lunch

Alicia, Abby, Olivia and Annamaria had riding lessons with Alanna and Allegro this morning! Honey joined Mara to receive special grooming, braiding of their manes and tails and plenty of loving attention from our visitors.

Riding was fun for everyone!

And lunch with the horses very amusing!

The horses joined in on the conversation and liked eating watermelon and grapes. Some real good girl/horse/barn fun!

Chiropractic Acupuncture Appointment

Mara and I had a wonderful ride to the river and back with friends before meeting Dr. Ed at the barn this morning.

Then it was Mara’s first ever chiropractic/acupuncture ‘adjustment ‘ treatment. The process was very interesting, lasted about 40 minuets and she caught on that we were only treating her to help her feel well.

Licking, chewing and comfortable sighs from Mara B resulted. It was a little extra special tune up for her to keep her feeling her best.

Jay’s Workout

Enjoy the fruits of Jay’s photography from our Mara B time together this warm Saturday afternoon (Jay said “an afternoon of very high humidity” thus the ‘workout’ terminology!) I rode, Mara walked and Jay was our photographer while hiking through the lower meadow of the cow pasture.

It was lovely.

Jay was artistic and a real trooper!

Thank you Jay!

Four Years

Four years ago today we bought Mara B! It was a big decision a big commitment and an experience that has helped me in many many ways. Mara B is the horse of my heart and has slipped in some soft soothing music to my days.

Today we had an excellent solo ride around the dairy loop that we dedicated to Benjamin. Walking under the gorgeous sky and among the peace and beauty of the fields and woods with Mara is delightful as well as calming for me. I’m grateful that we share our nature walks together.

Sharing Mara B with others, talking about Equine Therapy plus pals at the Barn are a few of the lovely things that Mara B has brought to us these past four years. Thank you Mara, love you Mara B!

Rainy Day & Inside Play

Jay and I visited Mara after the rain this afternoon. Jay had Saturday time with Mara B which started with grooming and cleaning her up while she eats a snack. We then played together in the indoor arena to stay dry.

We got a ball for her to kick and introduced her to a cart that she had never seen before. She seemed curious and checked it out.

But the highlight of our visit was Jay’s special attention that Ms Mara loves to receive.

End of July

Good ride today to wrap up the month of July! With Kim and Rio, Mara and I covered some different tracks. From County Road M to our quiet neighborhood street. We encountered a dump truck, a tractor a speedy delivery truck and plenty of cars. The horses are really good about it.

We even went down a private driveway (by invitation) and saw the neighboring steer roping setup that I had not seen before.

Continued to the power line road and rode to the upper fields with great views.

Rio and Mara were wonderful, both were very warm, and the riders were feeling their knees by the time we returned to the barn. Great last day of July ride for us. (Thanks for your photos Kim.)

Enjoyed the Youngins

A new pup at the stable! We met Breyer today and will be delighted to watch him grow.

Kim and Rio and Mara and I rode a fun double loop this morning and also stopped to check on Barbies young foal, he was very engaged with us!

We had a gorgeous calm summer day for a perfect trail ride.

Returned to the Barn and met up with our super special young horse pals!

Feeling young at heart too.

Evening Ride Morning Ride

After resting up from Horse Camp yesterday I returned to the Barn for an evening ride. Peter joined me as photographer so here are a few photos from last night with Peter and Mara B.

Returning to the barn we met up with Maddie and enjoyed chatting with her and watched her bring in the stall horses for the night. Fun for us to see the evening stable routines.

This morning on our outing we met up with Jackie and Cindy and stopped to sing Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Mara B and I continued on our separate way and happened to confront a large scary straw bale that we had never seen before. I dismounted to walk Mara past it and let her examine it, remounted and we went further down the way to Sam’s. We walked back past the big bale again on the way home with no issues. (I carry my lead rope on my saddle as a safety measure for these situations.)

Lots of photos to share today, but Mara B and I have had lots of time together these past 24 hours! So an extra show n tell to post plus a big thank you to Peter.