Triple Action

Mara B had some great lesson time with Maura again today. So I get to learn from the sidelines and I like observing Mara from the ground.

I also had some solo ride time out on Mara B and saw triplet fawns run across the road following their mom. Pretty cool to get the photo I thought.

The third ‘action’ was engaging with other borders out riding on this glorious summer day.

Peanut never fails to make us smile! Some summer stable action that sort of made me remember horseback riding at summer camp.


Mara and I saw the transition from deep snow spots, and a few icy patches to mud and melted puddles of water on today’s outing. Mara continues to be ouchy on her right front leg so we took it easy and just walked around the stable and a close neighborhood stretch. I added in Peanut at the water tank today because I always enjoy seeing him when I greet Mara B in her paddock.

Ride on Bill

Hannah provided training and instruction for us today, during our lesson time. Really enjoyable for me, part of the lesson I was riding Bill, and I have not ridden a different horse for a few years! It was good to be able to watch Hannah riding Mara and to change up my mount. I’m thankful for my horse adventures.